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4/20 Checklist


Alyssa Novosad - Director of Customer Success, Leaf Trade

:How to prepare for the busiest day of the year.


420 Prep Checklist


As the most notable cannabis holiday approaches, there are a few things your business can do to keep things running smoothly amidst a likely surge in demand on and around April 20th.


1. Promotions –

Dispensaries, will you offer discounts on the day? Cultivators, will you offer discounts in advance of 420 to Buyers?


2. Marketing –

Check in with the Leaf Trade Marketing team to brainstorm emails, in-platform ads, and other tactics.


3. Scheduling –

Double check that you’ll have enough staff to support the increased demand on and around 4/20.


4. Inventory –

Stock up on all the best-selling flower, edibles, tinctures, vapes, CBD, ancillary gear, and swag on Leaf Trade.


5. Security –

You may want to hire an extra security guard or so to help manage foot traffic.


6. Celebrate-

It’s not just a “stoner” holiday anymore. Celebrate cannabis (responsibly of course) and how far we’ve come.


At Leaf Trade we want your 4/20 to be stress free, just as it should be. Take these tips into consideration before the holiday is here and you’ll be well prepared to meet your customer’s expectations.