For Vendors: A Simpler Way to Buy and Sell Your Biomass

by | Oct 8, 2021

To keep the cannabis industry growing, cultivators and growers need efficient ways to buy and sell raw materials. Many cultivators, especially those in western states like California and Colorado, have an abundance of biomass they need to sell. Meanwhile, states in the Midwest and East Coast are dealing with supply shortages and desperately need raw materials. 

When cultivators can’t find the right buyers and sellers of raw material, cannabis product production comes to a halt. And if companies can’t produce cannabis products, there is no supply to sell to consumers. 

Ultimately, efficient buying and selling of raw materials will keep the cannabis industry from experiencing waste and a stagnant market.  

Finding a Marketplace for Vendor-to-Vendor Sales

For a healthy cannabis market, licensed cannabis growers and cultivators need a place to buy and sell from each other. This process is called vendor-to-vendor sales. However, finding the right vendors to buy and sell from in your market can be challenging. But the right platform can make vendor-to-vendor sales simple.

Compliance is key

It’s crucial to find a marketplace that integrates with state mandated and other commonly used seed-to-sale tracking systems such as Metrc, BioTrack, and Leaf Logix. These integrations save companies multiple hours updating and syncing inventory so buyers can see what’s available for purchase in real-time, allowing for both sides to remain compliant.

Exclusive Relationships

Part of the challenge with vendor-to-vendor sales is finding the right customers. Vendors must sell biomass within the state, but finding and building relationships with the right vendors is time-consuming. You need a marketplace that connects qualified buyers and sellers in each market with the ability to chat and negotiate at the point of purchase. This communication allows buyers and sellers to build exclusive relationships and meet trusted partners in the wholesale space.

Transparency is vital

Access to product information at the point of purchase could make or break the sale. A marketplace that also spotlights as an asset management system is the way to go. One the seller’s side, you need a place to upload product information, pictures, gifs, and COAs, so buyers have everything they need to make the right purchasing decision. There are also customizable inventory controls so the seller can select which buyers can see specific information. On the buyers’ end, this creates a curated and transparent marketplace with the products and prices they need.

Secure Payments

A marketplace that allows for a direct payment solution for wholesale cannabis presents a unique advantage. Allowing buyers to pay sellers via ACH at the point of purchase, like a typical eCommerce experience allows transactions to occur automatically. Paying at the point of purchase boosts cash flow and saves sellers up to 20 hours each week from traditional invoicing. 

Luckily, Leaf Trade is the wholesale cannabis marketplace where you can do all of the above, including being the first platform of its kind to efficiently buy and sell raw, operating materials and allow for direct, electronic payment on their marketplace using Leaf Pay. Leaf Pay is secured with encryption technology, and compliant in each market.  

Have you heard what you needed to hear? Start selling your biomass on Leaf Trade today!