Grow Your Arizona Business When You Join Leaf Trade

by | Aug 3, 2022

Arizona Cultivators & Distributors—See How Leaf Trade Can Take You to New Heights

Leaf Trade is a fully integrated B2B marketplace for the wholesale cannabis industry. Organic ordering, integrations with seed-to-sale systems, and payment solutions allow Arizona B2B Cannabis sellers to connect directly with dispensaries.

Arizona cannabis cultivators and distributors get access to an ever-expanding suite of tools and integrations to help drive sales, fulfill orders, and streamline processes to stay ahead of constantly increasing industry expectations.

Get to Know the Marketplace

Arizona cannabis cultivators and distributors value our easy-to-use platform. The Leaf Trade platform enables you to list and sell products directly to qualified buyers in Arizona and reach new customers. Providing CRM capabilities, integrations, and payment solutions—we streamline the entire wholesale process, beginning with seed to sale.

Leaf Trade’s integrations ensure you comply with all tracking mandates in the Arizona cannabis market. Leaf Trade integrations include comprehensive seed-to-sale software BioTrack and Leaflogix. For those using MJ Platform and Flourish, our easy-to-use CSV Import feature allows you to quickly upload your inventory. Leaf Trade also integrates with Quickbooks and Sage Intacct to automate financial processes and improve efficiencies. 

Leaf Trade provides you with shareable menu links, customizable storefronts, and easy asset storage that make Leaf Trade a one-stop shop for dispensaries looking to make purchases from your business.

Curaleaf Storefront on Leaf Trade

Buyers on Leaf Trade in Arizona

In Arizona, over one-third of the dispensaries in the market are currently using Leaf Trade to streamline the buying, inventory, and accounting process. 

Leaf Trade provides cannabis buyers in Arizona with a streamlined ordering experience and real-time access to product inventory. It’s free to join the platform and purchase cannabis, CBD, and ancillary products from a range of cultivators and distributors in the Arizona market.

Create Custom Rules by Dispensary

The Leaf Trade marketplace lets you create customized experiences for buyers using dynamic rules to build out customer groups. Customer groups allow you to set rules for specific dispensaries by visibility, quantity, and pricing. The rules system is flexible and allows you to set rules for entire product types and categories or by more granular options like package or case size.

Using rules-based inventory gives you control over bulk and discount pricing, custom visibility, and order minimums/maximums for the Arizona dispensaries buying from you.

Insights Into Your Operations for Better Informed Decisions

Leaf Trade gives you access to custom Tableau reports for better insights into your operations and business performance. The reports you’ll have access to include fulfillment reports, available inventory, product performance, and dispensary sales by time. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Using our fulfillment reports, you can see the exact number of items you need to package across all your upcoming deliveries.

The available inventory report shows you all sellable inventory available in your Leaf Trade account. 

Our product performance by time report lets you see how much of a product is sold over a specific time, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can measure performance by dollars spent, units sold, or total weight moved. 

Get insight on the total spend of each Arizona dispensary you work with using the dispensary sales by time report. You can view the total spend of each dispensary by day, week, month, or year.

These reports give you valuable insights into your business to better inform your strategy and make the best decisions for your growth.

A New & Easy Way to Pay With Leaf Pay

The current process for managing payments in the industry is complex, time-consuming, and involves a lot of manual labor. Leaf Pay was built to provide a more efficient way to manage your business’s finances.

Leaf Pay allows buyers to pay cultivators and distributors directly and automatically via ACH from inside the platform. No more checks in the mail or manual reconciliation.

Leaf Pay integrates with your accounting systems and automates payment processes so you can be more efficient. Once activated, Leaf Pay provides real-time visibility into your cash flow, increases the accuracy of your financial activities, and reduces DSOs and processing times.

The best part about Leaf Pay? There are no up-front costs to get started, and set up is an easy, one-time self-service.

Are You Ready to Join Leaf Trade?

Leaf Trade’s B2B cannabis wholesale platform connects Arizona B2B cannabis cultivators and distributors with dispensaries in the market. If you’re looking for an easy way to list and sell your products to qualified buyers in Arizona, look no further than Leaf Trade. Schedule your demo today!