At Our Core, Customer Success Is What Matters

by | Jul 7, 2020

Name: Alyssa Novosad

Title: Director of Customer Success, Leaf Trade

Length of time in role/at Leaf Trade: 1 year


KB: Hi Alyssa, thanks for sitting down with me today. We are excited to learn whats new in the world of Customer Success at Leaf Trade. To start, how would you describe your role?

AN: My job is to help Leaf Trade users be successful – whether that’s leading onboarding, training, fielding a new feature request, or talking about industry compliance in general – I am here to help! 


KB: What is your favorite part of the job? 

AN: The collaboration with our internal team, and our customers! Leaf Trade evolves with market needs, and I’ve learned that in this industry, we help each other through sharing insights, bouncing ideas off of each other, and striving to make this space as sophisticated and streamlined as possible.


KB: Describe how Leaf Trade has evolved since you started? 

AN: Well for starters – the team has grown 4x! We are able to do more, faster, and it has been incredible to watch. I can’t rave about our team enough and the culture of collaboration James established early on. The best part is, we’re just picking up steam. We’ve implemented CS processes, established Agile Sprint Cycles in Engineering, revamped our website and marketing materials, added a Hemp Marketplace, boosted integrations with seed-to-sale platforms and accounting software, and are processing payment – and that’s just in the past 6 months! I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. 


KB: The technology industry is ever evolving, as is the cannabis & hemp industry – how do you keep yourself up to date on the changes?

AN: For me, table stakes is subscribing to newsletters and following industry leaders and companies on social. However, the resource that I find most insightful is our users. With an active presence in 12 states and emerging presence in 3 states, each conversation with a user gives a unique perspective into their respective states. With our MSO partners, I’m able to keep a pulse on the macro trends or challenges they’re seeing. 


KB: When a challenging situation arises for one of our clients, what are your steps you take to work through it?

AN: The first thing I always try to piece together is what are we trying to solve for? Oftentimes, users come to us with a solution or a feature request. By getting the maximum clarity possible on what we are trying to solve, I can think through our current technology and if there may be a way to repurpose an existing functionality for a new need. If we need to identify a new solution, I always try to think through the MVP (minimum viable product, or the minimum functionality that would need to exist to meet the need) as well as the ideal state (the one where we can dream big). This gives us short term and mid/long term solutions that we can work towards implementing.


KB: What is your vision for the future state of the Customer Success team?

AN: My ideal future state is a Customer Success – Account Management hybrid team. Customer success implies onboarding and training, but my vision is much bigger than that. As the CS team grows, we’ll be able to provide more outbound communications, compared to our users coming to us. I envision quarterly business reviews, bi-weekly insights, engagement tools plus more to monitor the health and success of our customers. I see dedicated support for dispensary and hemp users. The goal for our CS team is to have the right mix of tech and account support. 


KB: Describe the onboarding process at Leaf Trade? What do we want potential customers to know before they sign up?

AN: Change is hard! If you’re using Leaf Trade, it’s probably because you were spending too much time in other software and spreadsheets, and there were inefficiencies that we can help with. Your process will likely have to change as you implement Leaf Trade, but it will change for the better! With our seed-to-sale and ERP integrations, adding inventory is a couple of clicks away. If you choose to go the manual inventory management route, no biggie – that’s easier than it seems, too! Onboarding is important in setting your storefront up for success and learning the ideal flows, and it may take practice to get the flows locked in, but once you do – the efficiencies are clear as day!


KB: What are some of the new product features or highlights that you think our customers should be excited about?

AN: For our Metrc states – holy smokes, that integration is SO COOL. Our engineers did a fantastic job with the User Interface to make it simple and as few clicks as possible. In fact, our other seed-to-sale integrations will likely be updated to match the flow. The other biggie is CRM features. With customer classes, rules, notes, assigning sales reps, billing settings, activity tracking, and document storage, we have significantly beefed up our CRM tools. Looking to 2021, I’m excited to see our dispensary user features evolve with things like a storefront revamp, menu drop notifications, reserved cart inventory.


To learn more about the Leaf Trade Customer Success team or get in touch, please reach out to