Beyond the buds. There’s more to cannabis retailing than just selling flower, oils and topicals.

by | Jan 13, 2021

Cannabis retailers know there’s more to running a dispensary than just stocking premium flower and vape carts on the shelf. A lot more.

Customers are there for the cannabis, of course. But they also need rolling papers and vape batteries, lighters, and dabbing tools among many other things.

And if the dispensaries don’t have these kinds of items, it’s more than just a lost sale at the dispensary’s cash register.

It’s also a retail impression for the customer that’s not always easy for the store to overcome, especially when it comes to first-time buyers learning their way around the store and what it offers – or doesn’t.

And the dispensaries also need more than buds and bongs for their daily operations, too. They need promotional items and branded bags if they want to stand apart from the competition down the street. 

They need essential supplies, too.

Such as everyday items like paper towels and cleaning supplies. And in the COVID-19 world of today, retailers even need personal-protection safety equipment such as face masks and hand sanitizer for both their customers and their employees. Dispensaries can purchase those items at wholesale prices on Leaf Trade too from our essentials storefront, LFG.

Dispensaries need a quick and easy way to get these kinds of things without tracking them down through a dozen different apps and websites.

That’s why Leaf Trade also includes select ancillary businesses as part of its wholesale cannabis platform. These companies might never touch a cannabis plant, but without their involvement in helping to supply dispensaries, customers might never have the higher-level retail experience that will keep them coming back for repeat business.

Some of the ancillary-product companies especially chosen by Leaf Trade include ones such as LuvBuds, which offers premium pipe products, glass and herbal wraps. Others, like High Mountain Imports, provide an array of always-needed lighters and torches, as well as premium flower grinders. And some, like TPK Ceramic Cartridges, offer premium ceramic vaping carts that are at the forefront of the latest technological innovations and consumer safety. All of the diverse products offered by these kinds of companies give dispensaries a unique retail advantage compared to the run-of-the-mill products sometimes found on dispensary store shelves.

TPK Cartridge 01


These Leaf Trade partners and others like them provide diverse products that are especially curated to meet the needs of targeted customer segments.

In providing unique ancillary products, these companies help dispensaries meet and exceed customer expectations, all while adding more opportunities for more profitable sales at the register. They are the best of the best, and their products aren’t just a collection of cheap add-ons.

Instead, Leaf Trade works closely with them and other ancillary businesses to find the right kinds of products that make a difference in the sales experience, whether it’s providing unique silicone smoking devices or offering high-quality branded promotional items that bring select groups of customers through the doors.

For retailers needing these kinds of ancillary products, Leaf Trade makes the purchasing experience as easy and integrated as it does the wholesale cannabis purchasing experience. Dispensary staff order from a visually oriented menu selection that shows exactly what the products look like and which also have detailed product descriptions. 

Equally important is information about the items’ pricing variants and when the products will be delivered, as well as a detailed record of every transaction made while using Leaf Trade’s digital platform. All of it is in one place that’s easy to find and track, and search filters make the shopping experience as easy as any kind of digital transaction on the market. If users are familiar with eBay or PayPal, they can easily, and quickly, use Leaf Trade’s financial automation tool Leaf Pay for ancillary product purchasing. It’s the same as with Leaf Trade’s set-up for wholesale cannabis transactions, too.

Real-time inventory is reflected, too, helping dispensary buyers avoid dead-end transactions that can’t be completed as they might want.

Dispensary can securely pay sellers on the platform as well.

Through Leaf Pay, Leaf Trade’s all-in-one payment feature, dispensaries can make quick point-and-click purchasing with detailed invoicing but not the convoluted or time-consuming process often found with third-party applications or, even worse, multiple phone transactions.

And because most of Leaf Trade’s ancillary-product distributors aren’t actually touching cannabis plants in any way, their products can be shipped across any state lines from anywhere in the country, making the transactions open to all dispensaries and regardless of if they are medical-cannabis or adult-use operations.

Find out more about how Leaf Pay can assist dispensaries with the crucial ancillary products that can boost profit margins and customer retention. Leaf Trade is completely free for buyers and has the lowest fees in the industry for sellers. For current Leaf Trade customers, reach out to New users can request a demo of Leaf Pay here.