Cannabis Companies Can Survive (or even Thrive) During Coronavirus

by | Apr 2, 2020

The cannabis and hemp industry is almost always defined by constantly emerging obstacles, from cumbersome regulatory and tax issues to the vaping crisis to the industry-wide capital crunch. 

But, battle-hardened as we are, it’s not a stretch to say that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a far different crisis than any the industry has faced before. The effects of the virus are touching all aspects of life and the economy, presenting new hurdles as companies’ supply chains and distribution partners risk disruption. 

The right technological solution can be a tremendous advantage in this environment. Leaf Trade is uniquely suited to helping cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries maintain a robust, efficient supply chain through these chaotic times.

Play as a Team, Even at a Distance

With shelter-in-place orders becoming increasingly commonplace across the nation, the challenge of keeping teams coordinated has increased substantially. COVID-19 is throwing internal workflows and organizational processes into disarray, risking dramatic productivity declines and duplicative, thus wasted, efforts.

Leaf Trade can help bridge the gap in remote coordination, allowing organizations to remain nimble whether together or dispersed. Permission-based access allows you to define which and how different members of your team can access the platform, acting as a single source of truth that makes collaboration easy.

Meanwhile, custom business intelligence and customer relationship management reports provide actionable insights for teams. Sales can benefit from increased visibility into what customers are clicking on, how long they’re lingering, and what products they’re gravitating towards, while operations and finance can dive into predictive analysis that is actionable to help identify trends and improve profitability.

Execute Even if You’re Stuck in One Place

When dynamics are shifting as quickly as they are today, it’s important to keep focus on the most critical projects at hand. Leaf Trade simplifies buying and selling by reducing errors and ensuring the right order ships at the right time.

Somewhat surprisingly, coronavirus has driven record sales, but not all dispensaries are able to remain open if supply chains are strained. If COVID-19 has raised concerns about being able to buy or sell supply, Leaf Trade helps connect your team with new options within your market. Robust integrations with seed-to-sale, ERP and accounting software means your inventory numbers are always up-to-date, allowing your company to capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate disruptions.

Sell More Product While Saving

Leaf Trade’s benefits aren’t just in driving efficiency. Customized storefronts for cannabis product sellers help drive awareness and build up your brands in your targeted markets.

With a majority of dispensaries using Leaf Trade across our available markets, you can find new customers while selling to your existing buyers more easily. On average, customers see a 50% increase in their orders after joining the platform, as a more frictionless buying experience results in larger orders.

Navigating A Crisis 

We’re all clearly facing an unprecedented situation with the outbreak of coronavirus. But opportunity is disguised in all challenges, and organizations that remain flexible and adaptive through these times might emerge stronger and more resilient. Leaf Trade’s platform can help, now and later — click here to schedule a meeting or a demo!