Don’t let supply-chain problems weigh down your cannabis profits

by | Mar 10, 2021

Industry compliance. Insurance. Rent. Product pricing. Staffing issues.

Whether you’re a cannabis wholesaler or retailer, every day you’ve got your hands full with an array of business matters that demand your attention and that can have an immediate effect on your company’s bottom line. The last things you need are supply-chain issues to complicate matters.

Unfortunately, though, supply-chain difficulties routinely arise in all kinds of business settings, and the legal cannabis space is no different. That’s why today’s cannabis operators at all stages of wholesale transactions need as much information as possible to mitigate problems and provide peace of mind.

Clearly, responsible cannabis companies have to be on top of every part of the supply chain from cultivation and production to retail sales. And that’s a primary focus for Leaf Trade, whose technology platform facilitates wholesale cannabis ordering and fulfillment in today’s highly regulated cannabis and CBD markets. Leaf Trade creates a customized e-commerce experience that integrates everything involved in B2B transactions, including a streamlined overview of supply-chain information vitally needed by both wholesalers and retailers. 

Consider a few ways in which Leaf Trade’s managed-marketplace dashboard helps its customers have as much information at their fingertips as possible:

Market Information

First, Leaf Trade’s e-commerce dashboard provides clear, easy-to-analyze information about what products are available and legally compliant in the states where vendors and buyers operate. There’s no last-minute surprise for anyone in a purchase transaction finding out that one or more of the parties involved actually is outside of a compliant region. 

Product Information

Batch numbers and COAs are clearly presented in Leaf Trade’s dashboard view. Product descriptions are easy to see at a glance and can provide a range of information, such as whether a product is organically grown or what its pesticide exposure might be. Leaf Trade customers can see information about specific extraction techniques used in a concentrate’s production, as well as secondary ingredients in any cannabis product. And ancillary products are easily discovered, too.

Order information

Everyone involved in a Leaf Trade transaction can effortlessly view vendor licenses, stock locations, and invoice numbers. Everyone can see when an order was placed, and when it was approved, packaged, and shipped. This data is more than just handy – it can be crucial during any possible supply-chain audits that might arise, regardless if they are external or internal.

Payment Information

Leaf Trade customers easily see – in one digital overview – everything regarding financial information related to selling and purchasing transactions. This includes bank account information, as well as payment status, delivery date and even purchase history. The latter can prove to be especially important if product-quality issues arise, allowing everyone involved in the transaction to know precisely when a product was purchased and shipped – and even if it remains in the supply chain or on store shelves.

All of this information is key to Leaf Trade’s value for its customers, and any uncertainty about a product is removed because all of this information is in one digital place for everyone to review and analyze quickly and transparently.

And if either party in a transaction has product questions that need to be answered quickly, Leaf Trade’s platform provides an integrated email capability that speeds communication. Leaf Trade customers don’t need to hunt down email accounts, phone numbers, or text information just to make quick product inquiries. And information between parties is never lost, no matter if it concerns possible product recalls or even information about when a payment will be processed. 

Leaf Trade’s cutting-edge software simplifies supply-chain operations for the wholesale cannabis industry because of its integrated features and ease of use. By providing a holistic solution to streamline ordering and fulfillment, Leaf Trade diminishes the various pain points that often arise from fragmented and disjointed supply-chain issues common in today’s cannabis marketplace. 

Find out more about how Leaf Trade can help your cannabis company master its supply chain operations and stay on top of all the information it needs to remain compliant and profitable. Leaf Trade is completely free for buyers and has the lowest fees in the industry for sellers. For current Leaf Trade customers, reach out to New users can request a demo of Leaf Trade here