Hey Prohibitionists. This Is All You Need to Know About the Cannabis Plant.

by | Apr 19, 2021

Fifty years ago, “420” became part of the public lexicon and eventually grew into a worldwide celebration of cannabis and its culture. What began as a slang term among California high-schoolers is now a widely renowned expression that comprises everything from the plant and its cultural use to the multibillion-dollar industry it has nurtured around the globe.

This year, like in no other before it, there are more reasons to celebrate the mainstreaming of cannabis and cannabis culture. After all, cannabis use in some form is now the norm in all states except two, and adult-use cannabis is even legal in 17 states, plus the District of Columbia. And even more, states are expected to fully legalize within the next couple of years as the legal cannabis industry continues its meteoric rise toward an $84 billion industry by 2028.

If ever was there a time to celebrate cannabis, this year’s April 20th holiday certainly is it.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is joining in on the celebration. Just because more states are legalizing the adult use of cannabis, stigmatism and misunderstanding continue to surround the plant and its use, thanks to decades of racist War on Drugs propaganda.

So it’s important for those of us in the cannabis industry – and even in the larger cannabis culture – to explain to others what cannabis is, especially to those residing in new adult-use states who might not readily understand anything about it.


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