Leaf Pay FAQ

by | Feb 9, 2021

Q: What exactly is Leaf Pay? Who uses it?

A: Leaf Pay is the first-ever direct payment solution for cannabis. Dispensaries can finally pay cultivators and other suppliers via ACH, just like any other eCommerce experience. Processors can also pay cultivators for raw materials like biomass, isolate and distillate using Leaf Pay. 

Q: Why would I use Leaf Pay over traditional payment methods like cash or check?

A: Leaf Pay is more than just a payment option. It completes the transactions on the Leaf Trade platform. A buyer goes onto Leaf Trade to purchase wholesale cannabis and ancillary items. With Leaf Pay sellers can set payment terms with buyers and payments automatically transfer on the payment due date. No more lost or late checks or worrying over cash payments. 

Q: Is it safe? Will my bank account information be secure?

A: Yes – your information is secured with powerful encryption technology in the Leaf Trade platform.


Q: How can I start using Leaf Pay?

A: First, you need a Leaf Trade account. Licensed Cultivators & Distributors can sell their wholesale cannabis and ancillary items on Leaf Trade. Licensed Retail Buyers, Processors, Manufacturers can buy on Leaf Trade. Click here to sign up or learn more. Once you have your account set up, you can set up Leaf Pay and enter your account information. Once both the seller and buyer have Leaf Pay set up, you can set payment terms in our system and start using Leaf Pay right away. 


For any additional questions or to see a live demo please click here.