Leaf Pay. The easy, expert payment automation tool we’ve all been waiting for

by | Dec 7, 2020

Cannabis is a new frontier. There are a lot of questions to unearth and complexities to navigate. But there’s also a lot that we, at Leaf Trade, have already learned — simply by listening to our friends in the business.


Here’s what we know. Many cultivators are spending 20+ hours/week on payments — following up with sellers and tracking down bills — and even more time on different accounting, ERP and seed-to-sale systems. Dispensaries are spending 10-15 hours/week finding and paying invoices. Professionals in the industry are spending 40% of their time on accounting. All of that is time that could be spent creating new jobs, new ideas, new products — things that could be helping the industry grow and grow up. 


Our customers’ days were being spent mostly on inventory management, accounting and chasing down payments and less time focused on the products or end users. Everyone was hungry for more efficient processes. Less manual data entry. Consistency. Transparency. Data we can trust. Relationships we can count on.


We heard our friends and we got to work.


Enter: Leaf Pay. An easy, compliant, payment automation tool for wholesale cannabis.


Easy like Venmo for cannabis businesses; Leaf Pay is a solution to make all financial transactions secure, simple and compliant in all 50 states.


Plus, it’s seamlessly integrated into the Leaf Trade platform, allowing you to manage all ordering, fulfillment and payment in one place. 


Accounting can be tedious and time consuming at every company but many of our customers were spending hours texting buyers, following up on payments, sorting through cash and cashing checks. Complicated and manual. Leaf Pay takes care of all of that. For Leaf Trade users, all operations are automatic and in one place. It’s a game changer.


We knew our friends were struggling to navigate the new nature of the industry — and ready to sharpen the professionalism with which they were running their businesses.


“Leaf Pay helps us keep our financial house in order. Set up is simple, it’s free for my customers and we don’t have to worry about not receiving a payment. It allows us to focus on driving growth and building our business.” – Jimmy Tan, Accounting Lead at Verano Holdings. 


On the dispensary side, this simplifies the process, too.


“I purchase for multiple retail locations from a variety of sellers,” said Andrew Hoffman, Procurement at Zen Leaf. “So having to keep track of all the amounts, deadlines, budgets, delivery dates, everything — it was challenging. Leaf Trade automates all of that and keeps it all in one place so I can have more streamlined purchasing and most importantly, nurture the relationships that keep everyone going.”


Check it out for yourself and see how Leaf Pay can free you up to focus on what matters to you most. 



Leaf Pay is completely free for buyers and the lowest fee in the industry for sellers. For current Leaf Trade customers reach out to support@leaftrade.com and for new users, request a demo of Leaf Pay here