Tech Team Spotlight – AJ Becker

by | Oct 20, 2020

Name: AJ Becker

Title: Software Development Engineer in Test

Length of time in role/at Leaf Trade: 7 months

KB: Hi, AJ, thanks for taking some time to sit down with me to help get our audience more familiar with you and your role here at Leaf Trade. So first things first, what exactly do you do here?

AJ: I’m glad you asked! I am proud to support Leaf Trade as a Software Development Engineer in Test.

KB: What is that exactly?

AJ: Haha, I get that a lot. It’s an odd title, but it’s an awesome one! At Leaf Trade, my main responsibility is testing our platform to ensure we are producing high-quality, functional features that our customers will enjoy using. 

KB: Interesting, give me an example.

AJ: Sure thing. There are multiple ways that I go about this. One is to manually test new features by creating and executing test cases around these functionalities, attempting to sniff out any bugs or defects that may be causing issues. Another method to ensure quality is through automated tests, which involves writing scripts that move through the Leaf Trade platform exactly as a user would. 

KB: Cool! So you test manually and set up automated testing?

AJ: Yes. Although manual testing is sometimes necessary, leveraging automation allows me to spend less time iterating on tests for regression bugs and more time preparing new features and further optimizing automated tests. 

KB: Makes sense, so how are you involved with our dev team as well as other departments within Leaf Trade?

AJ: In addition to proactive quality control, I work closely with the Customer Success team to triage new bugs that may have escaped into the wild or old bugs that have been hiding around for a while – all with the goal of making the process from bug discovery through resolution with the customer as seamless and efficient as possible!

KB: That’s great! Can you give us a specific feature that you are currently working on?

AJ:  Luckily, as a tester, I get to see all of the in-progress features at some point. I’m not sure what I can let out from under the rug, but I am excited to get my hands on the Sage Intacct integration as well as enhancing the “brands” functionality on the platform. 

KB: Very cool. So, what is your favorite part of the job? 

AJ: There are so many wonderful things about the job, but I have to say the people I work with are the best – such wonderful humor, work ethic, and collaboration. Having been remote for so long I miss going into the office and working in proximity to my coworkers. 

KB: What made you decide to join the Leaf Trade team?

AJ: I have been following the cannabis industry for a while now and was hoping for the opportunity to be a part of it. Being from Wisconsin – and the unfriendly legislation – I figured my chances were pretty far out unless we moved. Then, my fiance found the Leaf Trade posting and sent it my way. After reading the post I knew that I had to apply as it seemed like stars were aligning. Lucky for me everyone at Leaf Trade thought I would be a great fit too!

KB: What are you looking forward to down the road? Can you give us a peek into your roadmap?

AJ: The success of Leaf Trade!!! Is really the only thing on the work roadmap – working together to build the best product in the marketplace. There are a few things on my personal roadmap – the first of which is marrying my fiance. We had just begun planning just as COVID hit and the lockdown started, so we are aiming for 2022. Outside of that, I am a big fan of lake life and am hoping to one day have my own spot on a lake to enjoy the outdoors. 

KB: What do you find most exciting about working in the cannabis industry?

AJ: It’s difficult to find just one thing, but the potential for the industry is incredibly exciting. The potential to help people live happier, healthier lives by providing everything from anti-anxiety to joint support, and even an alternative to opioids for pain management. The potential economic benefits the industry can provide by adding new job opportunities and tax dollars that can directly impact people and their communities. It’s really incredible!

KB: What do you want cannabis companies to know about the Leaf Trade platform?

AJ: The Leaf Trade platform hears you. We want your feedback on what is working for you so that we can continue to put out features that make your life easier and more efficient. We also want your feedback on what may not be working quite as well; nobody is perfect, but without knowing what is wrong we can’t work to improve ourselves!

KB: Outside of Leaf Trade, what do you like to do in your free time? Both pre and during quarantine? 

AJ: Prior to quarantine, I traveled as much as possible – I really enjoy being able to see how different parts of the world live, work, play… and eat! Of course, COVID put quite the damper on traveling, so during quarantine, we’ve been using our backyard to the fullest; we can often be seen enjoying a beverage or some local take-out on the patio while our dog Arya hunts for critters in the lawn I take pride in maintaining. We even started a little vegetable garden!

For any questions or to contact a member of the team please contact us anytime.