Tech Team Spotlight – Hunter Husar

by | Jul 22, 2020

Name: Hunter Husar

Title: Sr. Engineer, Leaf Trade

Length of time in role/at Leaf Trade: 6 months

KB: Hi Hunter, thank you for sitting down with us today to provide a quick look at the Leaf Trade technology.

HH: Always happy to share a little behind-the-scenes.

What do you find most exciting about working in the cannabis industry?
HH: With the cannabis industry, a unique landscape has emerged. On the one hand you have insatiable demand for a product which literally creates *wellbeing*, and on the other, you have every state which has its own regulations and unique rules for buyers and sellers. I’m excited about this scenario because optimizing the supply chain will bring costs down for consumers, decrease inequality in the cannabis industry, and in turn, improve society.

KB: What do you want customers to know about Leaf Trade technology?

HH: I know saying “we fail fast” is cliché, but I personally feel that the technology we’re creating is a reflection of the tools and libraries we are using, which are almost all built using open source technology. Hence, we’re an open and transparent team; if something ain’t working no one is going to feel like they have to hold back on suggesting ways to improve the problem, if something is working we’re going to keep on truckin’ down that road.

KB: What’s your favorite part of working at Leaf Trade?

HH: Everyone is kind hearted and motivated to put in the hard work for the greater good of the team, the industry, and beyond. Also, sometimes when I’m looking at my screen, I have to chuckle a bit, because some of the product names are awesome.

KB: What do you like to do for fun?

HH: I’m pretty much always either making electronic music or coding. So I code for fun, and I code for work…. good deal! It’s a weird time for music. I also try to dedicate a small portion of each day to contributing, somehow, to the betterment of society.

KB: What’s your top quarantine activity? Any new hobbies or skills?

HH: I didn’t cook much before quarantine, but now I cook every meal and actually enjoy cooking a lot, especially with a cast iron skillet! I’ve been really enjoying making scrambled eggs. I also taught an AI how to generate pop music “songs,” they sort of sound like you tuned into an 80’s AM station playing a long lost beach boys record, it’s weird.


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