Learn how you can save time and money with an efficient supply chain

by | Jan 31, 2020

Stop viewing spreadsheets on a phone and answering text messages from the side of a two-lane highway. Learn how Leaf Trade helps multi-state and single-state cannabis cultivators go from discombobulated to a 100% consistent process.

Five years ago, when Paul Chialdikas got an order from a dispensary, he’d pull over to the side of the road, use his iPhone to figure out what was in the order, and then email it to his team for them to fulfill and process. It was cumbersome and time consuming and easy to make errors. Accounting was even more difficult because all his past orders were stored in emails instead of a central ledger.

In the highly-regulated cannabis business, there’s zero room for error, especially in the wholesale ordering process. If a cultivator gets an order wrong, the state can revoke their license, shutting them off entirely. Managing that level of risk is hard when orders come in by phone, text, and Whatsapp — all using different shorthand — and no way to look up order history in the event of an audit.

On top of it all, it’s difficult to manage customer relationships when there’s no way to track pricing and promised discounts when the ordering workflow is through email or spreadsheets. Each customer relationship is important and it hurts when an email sits stale or a question isn’t answered.

Better Inventory and Pricing Management

Paul knew that in order for his business to scale and capture the tremendous opportunity on the horizon, that he’d need a single, standardized system for managing inventory and receiving orders.

Luckily for Paul, Leaf Trade offered the perfect solution to help single-state and multi-state operators manage each part of their wholesale workflow.

With Leaf Trade, every buyer logs in to a cultivator’s custom-branded storefront. This storefront is built by the cultivator, and provides a complete branded buying experience from browsing to checkout — no cross-shopping on other storefronts.

Once logged in, the dispensary buyer is able to view available inventory and place an order, where available inventory can be filtered by: category, strain, product, batch and batch unit level. All of this inside a best-in-class e-commerce environment.

Leaf Trade’s value doesn’t stop at the “Submit Order” button. 

Before Leaf Trade, dispensaries would send in an order and then wait for the dispensary to manually approve the order line-by-line — all by email or phone. In extremely high-demand markets, buyers placed orders via spreadsheet without any inventory information, so their orders would be rejected, restarting the order process. With Leaf Trade, the Wild West days of ordering by mail are over. 

“Everyone is used to online ordering and that is the same experience that Leaf Trade provides with the marketplace that my dispensary customers see. They see pictures, they see descriptions, they have options with units, how many they’d like to order, it’s a one stop shop” – Maria Johnson, Director of National Sales, Verano Holdings.

Leaf Trade helps cultivators get 100% of orders right, 100% of the time.

Cultivators keep track of their inventory in their Leaf Trade portal. Once an order gets submitted from the seller’s storefront, Leaf Trade automatically confirms that inventory is available for that order. The cultivator accepts the order and Leaf Trade generates a packing slip. Between the order record, invoice, and packing slip, the Leaf Trade process ensures every order is 100% compliant with state regulators.

“We’ve seen a 100% fulfillment accuracy on our deliveries of ordered goods through our dispensaries.” – Paul Chialdikas VP of Sales & Marketing, Bedford Grow