Full Spectrum Service Case Study

by | May 26, 2021

”We started Leaf Trade in FULL-SPECTRUM SERVICE our home state of IL when we were a medical state,’’ said James Yi, Founder & CEO of Leaf Trade. ”The type of companies that operated in IL really needed enterprise level of operations. In a highly regulated market like IL there are a lot of things you have to do to meet state and financial regulations. This can compound the amount of work you need to do. If you are looking to streamline and automate processes that increase productivity and transparency, we are the company for you. – James Yi, Founder & CEO, Leaf Trade

Where are you on the spectrum of cannabis legalization? Is your market medical? Recreational? Or are you trying to run your business in a state that’s transitioning from medical to recreational? It can all be pretty overwhelming. We feel you. There are a lot of complexities to navigate. Whatever stage you’re in, Leaf Trade can help. We’ll meet you where you’re at today and help you grow through the evolving regulatory landscape.

Where are you now?

Stage 1: When a market is approved to produce and sell cannabis for medicinal use (ex: MO)

Stage 2: When a market has been selling medicinally and is now approved to produce and sell cannabis recreationally (ex: NJ, AZ)

Stage 3: When a market has been selling cannabis for medicinal and recreational use (ex. CA, IL, OR, WA, CO)

Leaf Trade Can Help

Not only can we help with your supply chain technology needs, the experts at Leaf Trade are also highly educated in the business of cannabis — so we can help you learn everything you need to know to succeed at every stage of the game. We listened to our friends in the business and learned, with the rapidly changing regulations, many professionals are struggling to know where they are and how to move forward. We hope this detailed landscape helps — and we’re always here for you if you have any questions. Reach out anytime.

Stage 1: Medicinal Market

We get where you’re at. Being in a stage one market means, formally, that your state voters have approved and granted the right to access medical marijuana. So, your state Department of Health can now license and regulate the market. They’re the ones who will oversee who gets or doesn’t get licenses; they’ll impose fines or penalties; track “seed to sale” of medical marijuana; issue standards for sanitation, storage, transportation and labeling of products; and implement and enforce safe use of marijuana in your state. This is a lot to keep track of on top
of running a successful business.

How Leaf Trade can help partners in Stage 1 states:

Save time and money. Starting a new company can be overwhelming. Leaf Trade can help you create an efficient
supply chain by bringing your wholesale operations online to market. This will eliminate order errors, waste and growing pains — all of which saves you time and money.

Reliable source of accurate, secure data. It’s essential to report correct product information, results and COAs needed for products to be approved for sale. Leaf Trade serves as a single source of truth or database that houses
all of this information for customers so they can report to mandated government systems. We keep documentation
safe, secure and easy to find when you need it.

Learn the trends. Figuring out how to price inventory, how much to grow, supply/demand questions can be extremely overwhelming. Leaf Trade can help new markets and applicants by providing similar trend data and information from other states that have gone through this stage before to help inform your decisions.

”Seed to sale“ reporting, made easy. Most states have mandated seed-to-sale reporting that license holders have
to abide by and most use systems such as Metrc and BioTrack. Leaf Trade has best-in-class integrations with those systems to automate inventory management, updating and reporting.

Accurate and streamlined payments and accounting. Leaf Trade has integrations with systems like Sage and
Quickbooks which save time, eliminate errors from manual data entry – posting invoices in both systems. And with our new payments feature, Leaf Pay, payment can be automatically transferred to the seller on due date, no
more chasing down payments.

Promote your products. The Leaf Trade application makes a great place to promote your brands and products to
qualified buyers in the market.

Stage 2: Newly Recreational Market

We get where you’re at, here, too. For stage two markets, the process is similar to the stage one medicinal markets. More licenses will be released and then the process detailed in the medicinal markets goes into effect. That means growers and retailers are likely to face challenges in planning inventory and preparing to stock up as recreational sales to go live. The huge increase in demand often results in product shortages, making accurate inventory, ordering and fulfillment more critical than ever before. This can lead to some uncertainty within cultivation and dispensary organizations. People may be questioning — what does it mean? Are operations going to change? How does this affect my job?

How Leaf Trade can help partners in Stage 2 states:

Connect. Sellers and buyers can communicate through the Leaf Trade platform. Buyers shop sellers’ storefronts in a 1:1 experience so they have all the essential information they need on brands and products.

Simplify. Leaf Trade is one source of truth for you, consolidating all areas of your supply chain. This makes for more efficient communication and processes from both buyers’ and sellers’ perspectives.

Streamline. As demand increases, it’s important to have the right team in place. Leaf Trade helps streamline the operational process from ordering, fulfilling, payment and reporting to keep your teams connected and efficient.

Expand access. Moving from medical to recreational opens up the market to new buyers and end users. Leaf Trade can help sellers promote their products, balance their supply by providing custom inventory controls like setting inventory rules to support supply chain management. All seller inventory information is in one place, easily accessible to buyers.

Stage 3: Post Recreation

We have experience in stage three markets, too. Here’s some of what we’ve learned to prepare for. Some states have ended up in crisis-mode after two years of recreational legalization due to things like a dual licensing system that requires local municipality authorization before businesses can obtain a state marijuana permit; high taxes that shrink profit margins and drive consumers to the illicit market; and the ongoing success of the illegal cannabis market. After demand dies down, suppliers can sit on product, which risks waste.

How Leaf Trade can help partners in Stage 3 states:

Foster loyalty. Leaf Trade works at its ultimate finest in the highly regulated, newly emerging markets with limited licenses. This opens up access to the highest quality of sellers, buyers and products in the region. With our custom 1:1 storefront experience, buyers become familiar with brands and sellers, cultivating relationships and loyalty.

Move your inventory. Leaf Trade can help connect sellers with new buyers, expanding your reach and exposure.
Maximize profit. Pricing rules and custom inventory controls can have a positive effect on profit margins.

Promote new products with in-application and email marketing, delivered directly to your target audience.

As we expand to other markets like CA, “ James says, ”our top priority is our MSO who needs us there, like Holistic Industries (who we partner with in 5 states). We know for any company having operational consistency across all of their markets is important.“

And Leaf Trade is not just for sellers. Buyers have many advantages to using our platform as well.


  1. Ease of ordering and access to updated inventory is crucial. Dispensaries can order for all their locations
    at once through Leaf Trade. You’ll always have the most up-to-date inventory and menus from sellers in your state.
  2. Get notifications when new menus drop — complete with product information, pricing, and
    ability to order in batches or bundles.
  3. Leaf Trade makes real time power BI and data available to both buyers and sellers so everyone can see what products are popular and where the opportunities lie.
  4. Pay sellers directly through Leaf Trade. View & download invoices and now you can enter bank account
    information to automatically transfer payment on the due date.
  5. 100% free for buyers. No fees ever. Ever.

So what’s next? Talk to the Leaf Trade sales team today.

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