Why I Switched to Leaf Trade

by | May 26, 2021

The Problem

Green Thumb Industries (GTI) is a leader in the cannabis industry. But just like any company poised for growth they hit a series of setbacks along the way. In short, their wholesale operations weren’t as streamlined or efficient as they needed them to be to take their business to the next level. 

GTI is in several markets nationwide and the Illinois branch was expanding rapidly. “We went from drinking out of a sprinkler to drinking out of a fire hose. The speed of the business has multiplied incredibly fast and the complexity of operations has grown tremendously over the past 5 years,” Ion Bratianu, the Sales Director of GTI  Illinois related to us. “ [We were] running on spreadsheets before. The biggest challenge was understanding what we had available for sale at any given current time and the fulfillment process was messy…” Ion continued.

Soon after, the Sales Director for GTI Maryland set out to find an elegant and efficient solution in their market. It seemed Jeff and his team had found a viable option, one of Leaf Trade’s competitors. At first, all was well. Everything looked good, but shortly after GTI’s onboarding with this platform, they realized that the technology wasn’t quite what they needed. It was close, but no cigar.

Specifically, they needed a proper integration with Metrc, the regulatory cannabis system used in the most cannabis markets nationwide. “With reporting to Metrc we had to manually update our inventory,” Jeff said, “And without a good Metrc Integration we would have to manually update inventory again into the wholesale platform – it was too much – too time-consuming and left room for a ton of errors and ‘re-work’.”

Other features fell short for Jeff and his team. They were also looking for a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, as well as integration with Sage Intacct’s accounting software. After a frustrating period of time, GTI MD decided to search for another solution.

That’s when they found Leaf Trade. Green Thumb’s branch in Illinois was using Leaf Trade along with several other of their markets. After GTI Maryland compared the two platforms, it became very apparent that Leaf Trade was the better option.

The Solution

From the start, Leaf Trade featured the Metrc integration that GTI needed. Leaf Trade also modeled the Sage Intacct integration after GTI’s needs, eliminating the need for manual data entry and greatly increasing efficiency in their inventory and accounting systems.

Leaf Trade’s built-in CRM solution allowed GTI to keep track of touchpoints their team has with customers. The Activity Tracker is capable of scheduling phone calls, emails, meetings, and other touchpoints with buyers as well as entering past touchpoints retroactively. 

For those who don’t use Metrc or BioTrack, Lead Trade has a CSV Uploader which allows for the import of one spreadsheet file that maps everything accordingly the product, the batch, the variant, the price, inventory count, strain, thc, thca, cbda, and so on. This was incredibly useful as some GTI markets were transitioning over from spreadsheets and integrating into the Leaf Trade platform.

GTI also told us that they love our “Brands” feature — the ability to filter reports by brand, and no longer needing to create “categories” in LT for brands. Another feature they appreciate is the 1:1 online storefront experience to allow buyers to experience GTI’s brands and products as they might in person, replicating the dispensary experience as much as possible.

Across the board, GTI Maryland found marked improvements in operations. “For GTI Maryland, Leaf Trade was the clear technology choice to manage our wholesale operations.” Jeff Mangold,  GTI Maryland’s Sales Director, told us. “Leaf Trade worked with us to solve for a list of things we needed in order to evolve our supply chain operations. They hit it out of the park, which is why we transitioned to Leaf Trade from a competitive system.”

Easy Integrations

Working with our customer success team and developers, Leaf Trade guided the integration with Sage Intacct that accomplished exactly what GTI needed it to do. And their Metrc integration allowed them to save time and effort by avoiding manual data entry.

Flawless Fulfillment

Leaf Trade allows for a clear, transparent workflow from start to finish. It eliminates redundancies and mistakes inherent in manual systems like spreadsheets. As Ion told us, “We’ve seen a huge increase in fulfillment accuracy, we’ve seen a meaningful decrease in order error inputs and a large decrease in any fulfillment errors that we were experiencing at the consumer level.”

He continued, “[Leaf Trade] allows me to have one source of truth for inventory, for our fulfillment, and sales teams to coordinate business operations together – [the platform] allows us to fulfill orders better, faster, stronger.”

Efficient Communications

Leaf Trade offers easy, in-platform communications, both internally with fellow team members and externally with growers. This improved communications across the company for GTI, by cutting back on endless email threads and forwards. Ion shared, “Order fulfillment is painful in [the] seed to sale environment, but using Leaf Trade to better communicate sales needs to [the] fulfillment team allows us a better process and experience for the end-user… from fulfillment to accounting to sales we can all see the same data.”

Managing Multiple Markets and Compliance Rules

GTI has a retail presence across the nation, and each market has its own laws and compliance rules. “LT will help us to manage multiple markets to all us to create separate levels of hierarchy that we can view the business from. For example, LT allows us to toggle between 10K and 10 ft view of our business,” Ion said. He continued, “LT has helped us overcome compliance challenges by allowing us to get a better look at our manifests and invoices simultaneously.” 

Gaining Insights

Reports are easy with Leaf Trade. Easily access data and key metrics in the platform. Download and print for review. In Ion’s words, “LT allows us to gain insights by allowing us to tap into one source of truth for our data allows us to parse the information better. The ability for us to have access to one inventory, one source of metrics, allows us to better understand our production and marketplace.”

Greater Customer Service

Leaf Trade’s integrations, automation, and suite of tools allow you to focus on what’s most important, the customer. As Ion told us, “Leaf Trade provides a tool for us to create a smoother transaction for the retailer which allows them to focus on serving our customers. Spending more time focused on talking and educating about our products and less time worrying about the transaction.”

And he continued, “Customers most like to see and order our product without having to interface with an actual human at the time of order. They have one place to communicate all of the issues with their order with the cultivator.” 

The Results 

GTI continues to grow, thanks in part to the solutions provided by Leaf Trade. After the success of using Leaf Trade for the Illinois and Maryland markets, GTI uses the Leaf Trade platform in 6 markets including Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Massachusetts. The different markets take advantage of different and Leaf Trade allows them to remain compliant according to different market regulations across the board. 

By providing a one-stop-shop for wholesale cannabis, hemp, and ancillary supplies, Leaf Trade helps GTI put their customers first. Our stellar integrations continue to lighten their load and allow them to focus on building their business. 

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