Aeriz Scaling to New Heights

by | Dec 2021

A healthy planet is a necessity for life, and keeping the earth safe through environmental sustainability is at the core of everything Aeriz does. 

Aeriz is the world’s largest cultivator of aeroponic cannabis, with grow facilities in Illinois and Arizona. Aeroponic cultivation is a method of growing cannabis without soil. Instead of soil, plants are grown in reusable clay beads with their roots suspended in the air and misted with water and nutrients. Aeroponic cultivation is not only more environmentally friendly than traditional growing methods, but it’s also more efficient. Aeroponic growing amplifies the essence of each strain, giving it increased flavor and effects. 

Their approach to cultivation means Aeriz produces a higher-quality and more consistent flower, setting them apart from competitors and leading to the growth of their business. Over the last two years, Aeriz scaled in Illinois from 14,000 square feet to a 28,000 square feet production and processing space. In Arizona, they made the transition to a fully pre-packaged business last year. In that time, they’ve grown to be the number two flower brand and live resin brand by sales revenue in the state. In California, Aeriz is a third-party distribution company that buys products and white-label under their brand UpNorth. They partner with prestigious names such as Fig Farms, CloutKing, and Sense, and they are actively constructing a massive cultivation facility in California. 

To help sustain Aeriz’s growth, the company depends on software like Leaf Trade to manage its inventory and provide transparency between departments. “Where we cultivate on our own, Leaf Trade has been the solution for us,” says Patrick Hannigan, National Sales Director at Aeriz. “We use it not only to keep our inventory straight but to set the rhythm internally for how all of our departments interact with each other. It’s what made us a very good provider. Leaf Trade has helped us, and that’s a technology I would point to first in what’s helped us build our business.” 

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