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Metrc Integration

Easily import Metrc strains, products, batches, and variants directly into your product catalog.

How it works

Integrating Metrc with Leaf Trade

Step 1

Add your Metrc API Key into Leaf Trade.

Step 2

Import strains, products, batches, and variants first, then add any marketing content later.

Step 3

Review and verify the import making sure you have all the correct products. You can even customize where needed!

Step 4

Sync your systems and sit back, relax, knowing your inventory will now be updated between the two systems, correctly.


Save hours, earn efficiency


Hours saved

On average, teams spent 35+ hours a week on inventory management prior to integration.


No more errors

Users noticed a 95% decrease in mistakes and inefficiencies after integrating with Metrc

Case Study

How integrating with Metrc is helping us help our clients

Get an inside look at how and why we integrated with Metrc or read our case study, showcasing its impact on GTI’s operations.

What our customers think of the Metrc Integration

"Leaf Trade’s Metrc integration is a quick and easy way to upload inventory in a way that maps everything accordingly to the product, the batch, the variant, the price, inventory count, strain and so on. This was incredibly useful as our teams were transitioning over from other technology systems and integrating into the Leaf Trade platform. "


Sales Director, GTI, Maryland

Get Started with Leaf Trade and Metrc

Existing Leaf Trade customers, please contact your customer success representative at support@leaftrade.com. If you’re not a Leaf Trade user but you’re interested in learning more, click below to request a demo.

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