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2022 Predictions Guide: Great Tech-Spectations for the Cannabis Industry

5 Predictions and Trends to Watch in 2022

This year marked another monumental chapter for the legal cannabis industry. With continued legalization and public acceptance, there’s been a rapid expansion of new markets and users consuming cannabis across the nation, resulting in massive company growth among cannabis wholesalers and retailers alike. And this growth is expected to continue at a rapid clip well into 2022, with no signs of slowing soon.  


This fast growth brings a variety of unique challenges, most notably in supply chain demands as cannabis companies scale into new markets. But by understanding the most important industry trends likely to define 2022, companies can get ahead of these changes and better prepare to navigate this turbulent landscape. 


One of the most prominent trends industry experts are forecasting is the emergence of enterprise technology and its effect on cannabis operations. Finding the right technology to streamline workflows and eliminate manual tasks for cultivators, retailers, and distributors can mean the difference between sustained, positive growth or stagnation.


Check out our comprehensive 2022 Predictions Guide here for more of the top industry trends to consider as you guide your business to continued success in the new year.

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