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Cultivators & Retailers

Leaf Trade’s cannabis wholesale marketplace provides a single source of truth to house correct and accurate product information, making it easier to manage inventory for purchasing. Once signed up, you’re immediately given access to our network of licensed cultivators and distributors.

Cultivators & Distributors


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B2B eCommerce Made Easy

The cannabis industry is complex enough and the Leaf Trade platform was built to be a simple solution. Leaf Trade is designed like a typical eCommerce experience to make it easy to navigate and use no matter your level of tech experience.
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Buy and Sell Products

Cultivators and distributors sell their brands and complete product inventory. Retailers can easily shop by cultivator, distributor, brand, and product to find what need when they need it. Multiple people can order within your company and you can readily view previous orders.
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Assisting You With Compliance

Comply with tracking mandates in your market through our integrations with comprehensive seed-to-sale software BioTrack, Leaflogix, Metrc, and more. Leaf Trade houses all your product information, descriptions, imagery, and COAs in just one platform.

What We Offer

Order Management

Retailers can directly place orders on live, accurate inventory from cultivators and distributors. Storefront menus are able to pull from multiple stock locations to keep inventory organized and create a unified menu experience for retailers featuring your entire product catalog.
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Customer Support

Leaf Trade takes our customers seriously and continually listens to feedback to improve our platform experience. Connect with our support team via email or chat with a live customer support representative—our average response time is under five minutes.
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A New & Easy Way to Pay

Leaf Pay eliminates the industry’s inefficiencies around payment processing and makes it easier and quicker to complete. There are no up-front costs to get started and the setup is simple.
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Discoverable Storefront

Brand and customize your storefront to create a unique shopping experience for retailers. Cultivators & distributors can brand their storefronts by adding logos, banner images, product photos, and more.
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Explore the View from the Cultivator Side

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Merchandisable storefront featuring a company logo, description, and branded header image.
Easily add new products and organize existing from the Products page.
Quickly view all your existing orders and order statuses from the Home view.
View specific order details and manage status from the Order Details page.
Import product data directly into Leaf Trade using our integrations with BioTrack, Metrc, LeafLogix, or CSV Import.

Explore the View from the Retailer Side

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Discover cultivators and distributors selling product in your market from the Seller Explore page.
Browse vendor storefronts to view product details and add items to your cart for purchasing.
Explore specific product details like cannabinoids and product descriptions by clicking into a product page.
View your cart and order details and make order edits as needed before completing checkout.
Use the Orders dashboard to check Order Status and specific details or your purchases.

Browsing the Marketplace & Storefront

Leaf Pay Dashboard

Search by Brand

Have a specific cultivator or distributor you’re hoping to purchase from? Use the Leaf Trade search functionality to discover the brands you’re seeking.

Filter by Product Type

Quickly find the products you’re looking for or discover new products. Retailers can easily sort, filter, and find the products they want using filters for product type, category, strain, and phenotype.

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How Do I Get Started?

Leaf Trade is here get you set up and selling successfully. No up-front costs to get started!

Schedule a demo with our team and see how we’ve made cannabis commerce simple with our easy-to-use platform. Following the demo, our team will work with you hand-in-hand on an implementation and go-live plan, ensuring you’re supported throughout the entire process.

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There’s a Better Way to Manage Wholesale Cannabis

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Our purpose at Leaf Trade is to support you in better managing your cannabis operations as cultivators and retailers. Book a consultation and demo with our team to help us understand your supply chain needs and the improvements we can make to your current processes.

Cultivators & Distributors