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  • Core Features

    Streamline all your order fulfillment processes

    Selling is only half the battle -- Leaf Trade helps you fulfill your orders with customizable packing slips and easy fulfillment report summaries. Leaf Trade also helps with delivery logistics and packing reliability so your shipments get where they need to go on time and error-free.

  • Core Features

    Collaborate on order fulfillment with other members of your team

    Successful companies have strong teams that work together like a well oiled machine. Leaf Trade is built for your sales, marketing, accounting, packing and delivery teams to easily collaborate on a single platform.

  • Core Features

    Increase sales through loyalty programs and custom storefronts

    Leaf Trade ships with a robust set of discounting and order limiting tools to help distribute your products in a way that keeps your customers happy and maximizes exposure of your best products. Add a custom branded storefront experience to sell even more.

  • Core Features

    Work smarter with powerful reports and analytics

    Toss the email orders and spreadsheets. Digitizing your order fulfillment process allows you to track the health of your business and generate sales forecasting tools that optimize your production.

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