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Tech solution for the cannabis industry to simplify wholesale ordering, inventory management, fulfillment, and payments, while also connecting licensed dispensaries with cannabis cultivators and distributors nationwide.

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Leaf Pay


Integrates directly with the systems you rely on. We’ve built flexible integrations with the cannabis industry’s leading partners including Metrc, BioTrack, and more. Our integrations connect the systems that matter most to your business—ERPs, finance and accounting, and distribution platforms.

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Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace

The industry values our easy-to-use cannabis marketplace! Cannabis wholesalers can list and sell products directly to qualified dispensary buyers and reach new customers. Dispensaries can streamline buying, inventory, and accounting and access new brands & products. Messaging capabilities, integrations, and payment solutions all built-in—we simplify the wholesale process, from seed to sale.

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Leaf Pay

Say goodbye to cash and checks in the mail and manual processing! Leaf Pay integrates your systems and automates your payment process so you can be more efficient. Simplify your accounting process, improve operational efficiency, and get more accurate insight into your finances.

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Are You a Dispensary In Need of a New Point of Sale and eCommerce Solution?

Sweed’s all in one dispensary solution has everything you need to scale and grow successfully. By combining point of sale (POS), eCommerce, marketing & loyalty, reporting, and more — you can streamline and better support multiple location operations.

How Leaf Trade Compares

Leaf Trade Others
Platform Cost Leaf TradeOnly pay a fee per order OthersFixed monthly cost
Listing Your Brands Leaf Trade Unlimited brands listed on your storefront OthersPay an additional fee per brand listed on your storefront
Custom Purchasing Rules Leaf TradeCreate dynamic rules to control buyer and inventory experiences OthersCustomized menu items by listings and adjustable permissions'
Buyer's Experience Leaf TradeOrder from multiple brands via one menu and shop by cultivators and brands OthersOrders must be placed individually by brand
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Meet Some of Our Trusted Clients

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“In the industry as a whole, a lot of consolidation is happening. Businesses are implementing ERPs because they need to centralize their operational data from top to bottom. Costs are too high and money is low. Optimizing their tech stack gives businesses the opportunity to lower their costs and give their investors timely and accurate reporting, which can lead to quicker, better decisions. Any process that can be optimized to help achieve these goals is vital. The Leaf Trade Team has shown that they understand this and are willing to commit the resources necessary to help their partners succeed.”

Michael Willis

Cardell Robinson

Director, Technology

“In Arizona, we’re not required to use a Seed-To-Sale system to manage inventory. At Item 9 we switched to Leaf Trade (from a competitive platform) because we saw how easily Leaf Trade’s ERP integration allowed us to import and sync our inventory directly to our storefront. It provides transparency with our customers so they always know what’s available and can order any time, day or night, and allows our Sales team to focus on relationship building.”

Michael Willis

Michael Willis

Director of Sales
Item 9 Labs AZ

“Leaf Trade enables my team to be super-efficient with our wholesale operations. Not only can we manage our inventory, but it also brings our entire team together, from sales to marketing to accounting and inventory managers.

Erica Kunkle

Erica Kunkle

Regional VP

“Leaf Trade’s technology is among the most advanced in the industry and has made it easier than ever for us to scale into new markets. With robust integrations and seamless APIs, Leaf Trade accompanies us into each new market we enter.”

John Brown

John Brown

Chief Technology Officer
Holistic Industries

“If a seller is on Leaf Trade, let’s face it, we’ll most likely order from them. Access to real-time inventory from every seller in your market makes things incredibly efficient when buying for our seven retail locations weekly.”

Wren Berger

Wren Berger

Vice President of Retail
Windy City Cannabis

“Leaf Trade has been instrumental in the success of Verano/Zen Leaf on the wholesale side in seven markets and the retail side in nine markets and counting. We rely on Leaf Trade to ensure that our dispensaries are consistently stocked across all markets.”

Andrew Hoffman

Andrew Hoffman

VP Procurement
Verano Holdings

Connecting Cannabis Cultivators & Distributors With Retailers Nationwide

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Leaf Trade is available in 25 markets and actively expanding


in cannabis orders annually on the Leaf Trade platform

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Simplify the Wholesale Cannabis Process, from Seed to Sale

Leaf Trade is a trusted, fully integrated, and SOC-compliant B2B marketplace for the wholesale cannabis industry. Join today and discover how we help cultivators, distributors, and retailers streamline their cannabis business.

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