A Free & Easy Way for Cannabis Retailers to Purchase Wholesale Cannabis

Leaf Trade’s cannabis wholesale marketplace provides cannabis retailers instant access to some of the best wholesalers in your market. Our easy-to-use platform streamlines the entire whole purchasing process.

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Leaf Trade Transforms Cannabis Wholesale Buying

Wholesale Ordering
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Multi-Location Ordering

Optimize the Ordering Process

Ditch messy spreadsheets, emails, and text messages to sellers and place direct orders through the Leaf Trade platform. Buy products for all your locations from the best wholesalers in your market. Track your orders from start to finish with transparency on status, approvals, and delivery.

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Everything You Need, In One Place

Get access to the product information you need, COAs, training materials, and marketing assets for your wholesale purchases. Leaf Trade provides cannabis retailers with access to actual inventory so you can accurately place orders for the products you need. All products purchased through Leaf Trade are tracked to meet necessary compliance standards.

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Access to Top Wholesalers in Your Market

Leaf Trade is an easy-to-use cannabis wholesale marketplace for cannabis retailers to manage and purchase inventory. Once on our platform, you can easily order inventory, that’s updated in real-time, to stock your dispensary. Our platform is designed to automatically display all product inventory to every user, regardless of your connections or experience.

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Ordering for Multiple Location Dispensaries

Leaf Trade makes creating and completing orders for multi-location dispensaries easier and faster. Use our Quick Order feature to build multiple carts at once for the locations you operate. Our Multi-Location Shopping Cart allows you to toggle through all your carts, edit your orders, and download lab results before completing checkout.

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Stay Connected

Discover and develop relationships with cultivators using in-platform messaging. Communicate directly on order questions, discounts, sample requests, product returns, or credits. In-platform messaging can also be used to communicate with your internal team across locations.

Enable Retail Cannabis Team to Do Their Best Work

Leaf Trade offers several User Permissions and Notification settings to help your retail cannabis team work efficiently. These settings can be configured by role to provide your cannabis retail team with access to the areas they need on the platform and notify them directly of tasks related to their roles and responsibilities.

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Accounting & Payments Made Easier

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Trusted Integrations

Automate your retail cannabis accounting process and lose the spreadsheets. Integrate from Sage Intacct and QuickBooks, so you never have to search for an invoice again.

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Leaf Pay

No more late fees, cash, and checks in the mail. Handle payments and invoicing using Leaf Pay. Leaf Pay allows you to pay cultivators directly and automatically through the platform.

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Leaf Pay AP

Leaf Pay AP

Paying your bills doesn’t have to be more hassle than it already is. If you’re using Sage Intacct, take Leaf Pay to the next level with Leaf Pay AP and handle all your bills within one system.

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It’s Quick, Easy, and Free to Get Set Up!

Cannabis Retail buyers can sign-up by clicking “Sign Up” below. You’ll need to provide your User Info, Dispensary, and Dispensary locations.

Once your account is up and running you can immediately start buying from top cultivators in your market.

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Leaf Trade Simplifies the Cannabis Wholesale Process, from Seed to Sale

Leaf Trade is a trusted, fully integrated, and SOC-compliant B2B marketplace for the wholesale cannabis industry. Join Leaf Trade and discover how we help cultivators, distributors, and retailers streamline their cannabis business.

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