Empower Your Cannabis Dispensary

Are you ready to take your cannabis retail business to the next level? Sweed offers an all-encompassing solution that elevates your online presence through a fully customized eCommerce experience.

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Stand Out with Sweed's Cannabis eCommerce Solutions

Sweed is redefining the cannabis eCommerce experience, providing you with the tools and capabilities to thrive in a competitive market.

Custom-Branded Mobile App & Website

Amplify your brand’s visibility with a personalized website and native app. Your customers will engage with your brand exclusively, ensuring a unique and seamless shopping experience.

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Effortless Ordering & Convenience

Enable customers to place orders effortlessly, whether for delivery, pickup, or curbside service. Customized order notifications via email, SMS, and push notifications keep them informed every step of the way.

Native Mobile App

Our consumer-facing mobile app allows customers to browse, order, and access store information conveniently on-the-go. Sweed manages Apple & Google App Store submissions, making it hassle-free for your business.

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Seamless Online Menu Integration

Our comprehensive eCommerce solution seamlessly integrates with our point-of-sale system, ensuring that discounts, loyalty points, fees, customer data, and inventory sync flawlessly. The online menu reflects real-time changes, providing a smooth shopping experience.

Personalized Branding & Customization

Tailor your platform with your logo, colors, and unique designs. Your customers won’t encounter the Sweed brand; instead, they’ll engage directly with your business, fostering brand loyalty.

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Dynamic Product Carousels

Showcase featured products through interactive carousels, offering support for “buy again” and “best-selling” items. Targeted customization based on customer segments allows you to curate experiences based on purchasing habits, maximizing engagement.

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