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A better way to buy and sell wholesale cannabis & hemp.

An ordering, fulfillment and payment platform to manage, market, and cultivate the growth of your business.

The process that connects cannabis and hemp sellers and buyers.



Sellers build a custom, branded Leaf Trade storefront.



Buyers place an order with a Seller.

order processed


Sellers receive, approve, prepare, package and invoice the order.

cannabis delivery


The buyer pays and order is shipped for delivery.

For cultivators:

Sell smarter.

Improve your operations and boost your ROI. Enhance your inventory management, streamline order and fulfillment processes, enforce timely payments and brand your storefront experience to keep customers coming back.


For dispensaries:

Buy faster.

Get back to the business of running your business. Place orders, purchase online, track status, and manage multiple store locations on any device.

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Built by experts, designed for you

While helping newly licensed cannabis companies get off the ground, we noticed a lot of inefficiencies: big business run by email, spreadsheets, and text messages. But the solutions they were looking for didn’t exist. So we built a compliant, connected, and reliable technology solution with client success at the center.

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Love for Leaf Trade

"Leaf Trade allows me to have one source of truth for inventory, for our fulfillment and sales ops to coordinate bus operations together—it allows us to fulfill orders better, faster, stronger"

Ion Bratianu

Sales Director
Greenthumb Industries

"It provides a system used for top to bottom customer experience, so our dispensary partners all order on Leaf Trade, cultivation facilities use Leaf Trade as their order fulfillment process as well."

Maria Johnson

Director of National Sales
Verano Holdings

"We've seen a 100% fulfillment accuracy on our deliveries of ordered goods through our dispensaries."

Paul Chialdikas

VP of Sales & Marketing
Bedford Grow