Unveil the progression of cannabis tech solutions through Leaf Trade’s cutting-edge platform, particularly spotlighting Q1 advancements. Our efforts have been dedicated to simplifying the wholesale cannabis process, introducing a wave of innovation and improvements to optimize efficiency.

Let’s delve into the specifics of these changes and how they will enhance your Leaf Trade experience.


Add User Context for Audit Log Entries on Imports

This improvement ensures comprehensive tracking and accountability, enhancing the reliability and completeness of audit trails.

The Impact:

  • Gain greater transparency and accountability with detailed user context included in import audit log entries.
  • Address previous NULL log issues, ensuring a more robust and reliable audit trail for all import activities.

Added Ability to Save Notes on Location Taxes and Apply to Orders 

Provides the ability to save notes on location taxes and apply them to orders. This enhancement streamlines tax management and improves order accuracy by allowing users to attach relevant tax information directly to locations.

The Impact:

  • Seamlessly save and apply specific tax notes to orders, enhancing accuracy and compliance.
  • Streamline tax management processes by attaching pertinent tax details directly to corresponding locations, ensuring smoother order processing.

Collapsing Import Variants Across Multiple Imports

Users can collapse import variants across multiple imports, simplifying data management and improving organization. This enhancement streamlines the viewing experience and allows for a better focus on relevant information.

The Impact:

  • Easily manage and organize imported variants by collapsing them in bulk across multiple imports.
  • Streamline data navigation and focus on pertinent information with improved batch collapse functionality.

Total Due Added to Header of Invoice

This enhancement provides clarity and transparency regarding outstanding balances, facilitating smoother transactions and improved client communication.

The Impact:

  • Easily track outstanding balances with Total Due prominently displayed at the header of invoices.
  • Enhance client communication and streamline payment processes with clear visibility of amounts due directly on invoices.

Added New Status “Redeemed Offline” for Product Credits

This status is designed for vendors using Leaf Trade product credit management who prefer not to redeem credits on Leaf Trade orders. It offers vendors greater flexibility and control over their credit management processes, catering to diverse preferences and workflows.

The Impact:

  • Enjoy enhanced flexibility in managing product credits with the introduction of the “Redeemed Offline” status.
  • Tailor credit redemption processes to specific vendor needs and workflows, ensuring seamless integration with LT product credit management while accommodating offline redemption scenarios.

Import Review Modal Now Displays All Products When Multiple Products are Remapped

Enhancement of the import review modal now displays all products when multiple products have been remapped to the same Leaf Trade product. This improvement ensures comprehensive visibility and accuracy during the import review process, simplifying inventory management and facilitating smoother data reconciliation.

The Impact:

  • Gain clarity and accuracy during the import review process with the display of all products remapped to the same Leaf Trade product.
  • Streamline inventory management and data reconciliation by easily identifying and reviewing remapped products within the Import review modal.

User Notifications for Dispensary Location Creation/Updates

This enhancement improves communication and collaboration between vendors and dispensaries, ensuring relevant stakeholders stay informed about location and license changes in real-time.

The Impact:

  • Receive timely notifications regarding dispensary location creations and updates, facilitating proactive engagement and streamlined communication.
  • Enhance collaboration between sellers and dispensaries by designating users as contacts for location-related notifications, fostering efficient information sharing and coordination.

Add Payment Date to Top of Invoices

We’ve implemented a new configuration feature that automatically adds a payment date to the top of invoices based on payment terms and delivery date. This enhancement streamlines invoicing processes, ensuring clarity and accuracy in payment scheduling.

The Impact:

  • Simplify invoice management with automated payment date generation based on configured payment terms and delivery dates.
  • Improve transparency and efficiency in payment scheduling, facilitating smoother transactions between vendors and clients.

Validation Added to Product Names to Block Creation of Products With the Same Name

Users can no longer create products with duplicate names. This enhancement ensures data integrity and clarity within the system, preventing confusion and streamlining product management processes.

The Impact:

  • Enjoy improved data integrity with enforced validation preventing the creation of products with identical names.
  • Streamline product management and maintain clarity in product listings by eliminating duplicate names within the system.


Allow Use of TestPerformedDate for Batch Lab Results

With this update, users can leverage the TestPerformedDate field for Batch Lab Results, providing greater flexibility.

The Impact:

  • The integration now allows users to use the TestPerformedDate for Batch Lab Results, offering a more dynamic and customizable approach.

Metrc: Product Batch Number Now the Leaf Trade Batch Reference

With this feature, users can now use the Source Production Batch Number from Metrc as a reference in Leaf Trade, providing a more seamless and holistic experience.

The Impact:

  • Users can now easily trace and reference Leaf Trade batches using the Source Production Batch Number from Metrc. 

Metrc: Allow ‘NotRequired’ Field

In response to user feedback and to further improve our integration with Metrc, Leaf Trade now supports the ‘NotRequired’ field. This update offers greater flexibility and precision in tracking and managing seed-related information.

The Impact:

  • This feature simplifies the compliance process for users dealing with seeds, allowing them to accurately represent seed-related information as ‘NotRequired’ where applicable.

Dutchie: Allow ExternalPackageID Field for Pull Number

Leaf Trade now supports the externalPackageID field for Pull Numbers, enhancing the precision and efficiency of order management.

The Impact:

  • Users can now include externalPackageID in the Pull Number, facilitating improved order tracking and identification. 
  • Users can now enjoy a smoother integration experience, reducing the potential for discrepancies in order processing.

Rebuild of Order Status Model

With the latest update, Leaf Trade automatically refreshes the page upon order completion, offering users a more responsive and real-time view of their orders.

The Impact:

  • Experience seamless order tracking with the auto-refresh feature. As orders are completed, the page updates automatically, providing users with instant visibility into the latest status and details without manual intervention.
  • The auto-refresh functionality streamlines the workflow by eliminating the need to manually refresh the page after each completed order. 

Add Per-Page Toggling to Import Finalization

We’ve enhanced our integration feature with per-page select all toggling in the import finalization user interface, giving greater control and flexibility for mass updates.

The Impact:

  • Improved control over import finalization, enabling precise management of data imports.
  • Enhanced flexibility in workflow, allowing for streamlined processes tailored to specific needs.

Add Previously Synced Updates to Import Finalization User Interface

Integrations now include all previously synced updates in the import finalization user interface, enhancing user experience and streamlining data management. This means users can seamlessly access and incorporate past synced information directly within the import finalization process, saving time and ensuring data accuracy.

The Impact:

  • Effortlessly access previously synced updates during import finalization.
  • Streamline data management processes with enhanced integration functionalities.

Sage Invoice ID Posted as Leaf Trade Order Number

We’ve integrated Sage functionality to automatically post the Sage Invoice ID as the Leaf Trade Order Number. This seamless integration streamlines order management and enhances traceability.

The Impact:

  • Users can leverage Sage to benefit from automated synchronization, simplifying order tracking and reconciliation.
  • Enhanced traceability ensures smoother auditing processes and better financial insights for clients utilizing both systems.

Improved Efficiency in Sage Accounts Receivable Module

We’ve enhanced the accounts receivable module in Sage to allow refreshing without retrieving all items. This optimization streamlines the workflow for users, saving time and improving overall efficiency.

The Impact:

  • Users can now refresh the accounts receivable module without having to fetch all items, leading to faster performance.
  • Enhanced efficiency means reduced wait times and smoother navigation, enabling users to focus more on critical tasks.

Add Approve Order Webhooks Integration

We’ve added approve order webhooks integration in our Integrations feature, serving as a proof of concept for future webhook initiatives. This enhancement allows for seamless communication and automation, paving the way for streamlined processes.

The Impact:

  • Integration of approve order webhooks facilitates real-time communication between systems, enabling faster processing of orders.
  • This addition serves as a foundation for future webhook initiatives, promising more advanced automation and connectivity options for improved workflow efficiency.


Update for Dispensary Sales by Time in-platform Report 

This enhancement ensures faster data processing and more robust analytics capabilities, empowering users with quicker insights and improved performance.

The Impact:

  • Experience significantly faster data processing times when generating Dispensary Sales by Time reports, reducing timeouts for larger data sets.
  • Benefit from enhanced analytics capabilities for more comprehensive insights into dispensary sales trends and patterns.

Updates to Available Inventory Reports

We’ve introduced two new updates  to improve inventory reports:

  • Inventory Report: Offers comprehensive filtering and organization with a refreshed update every four hours for optimal performance.
  • Inventory Real Time: Provides immediate access to up-to-the-minute data, albeit without filter options during generation. Users can select either all products or a single product and export data to CSV for further analysis.

The Impact:

  • Improve the performance and usability of our reporting system while still providing users with the data they need when they need it.
  • Flexible options: users can choose between the comprehensive filtering of the Inventory Report or the real-time data access of the Inventory Real Time report based on specific needs.


Increase & Alphabetize Brands Displayed In the Brands Dropdown

We’ve expanded the number of brands visible within the landing and Seller Discovery brands dropdowns. Additionally, we’ve alphabetized the listings for easier navigation. This enhancement offers users a more extensive selection of brands and improves the overall browsing experience.

The Impact:

  • Enjoy access to a larger variety of brands directly from the landing and seller discovery pages.
  • Navigate more efficiently through the expanded brand list, now conveniently alphabetized for quick reference.

Leaf Trade API

Optimizing Order Create API V3 

We’ve optimized the Order Create API, enhancing performance and efficiency. This update ensures faster order creation processes for improved user experience.

The Impact:

  • Users will experience faster order creation times with the optimized Order Create  API, leading to smoother transactions.
  • This enhancement boosts overall system efficiency, allowing for quicker processing of orders and reducing wait times.

Cannabis Tech Solutions to Transform Wholesale Cannabis

Leaf Trade is committed to revolutionizing your cannabis tech solution experience. Stay tuned for more exciting changes on the horizon, designed to take your wholesale cannabis journey to new heights. Join us as we continue to shape the future of the cannabis industry, one innovative update at a time.