Leaf Trade is dedicated to creating innovative wholesale cannabis solutions for the obstacles encountered by wholesalers and dispensary operators within the cannabis sector. Guided by this mission, we persistently enhance our platform, creating new features and products. Our goal is to empower cannabis cultivators and dispensaries, fostering increased efficiency in their operations.

Check out some of the recent product releases and platform enhancements our team completed in July- September 2023.

Leaf Trade Integrations 

Leaf Trade offers integrations with the leading cannabis technology platforms. Take a look at some of the recent enhancements we’ve made to these integrations.

Product Override Column

Now, when making changes, our import results modal displays the altered product names. This means effortless tracking of modified product names.

The Impact:

  • Easily remember which imported products had name changes.

Sage Intacct Integration

We’ve upgraded our Sage Intacct integration to seamlessly push Leaf Trade order numbers as reference numbers. Simplifying your workflow by aligning order records across platforms.

The Impact:

  • You can now push Leaf Trade order numbers to Sage Intacct.

Storefront Experience

Seller Storefront

Buyers can now easily track their cart’s item count with a nifty mini-banner on the Seller Storefront. Plus, we’ve improved quantity input, starting at zero for more intuitive shopping.

The Impact:

  • Easier for buyers to see the actual number of products they have in the cart.

Public Menus

Sharing your catalog with non-Leaf Trade users? Our update now hides the “Add to Cart” option on Public Menus, offering a hassle-free browsing experience before placing orders.

The Impact:

  • Add to Cart is now hidden when sharing Public Menus.
  • Easily share Public Menus with potential buyers to view your product catalog before placing their order on Leaf Trade.

The Marketplace

Quick Order

Experience a streamlined process with the fixed header in the Quick Order table. No more confusion while adding items, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your orders.

The Impact:

  • Clearer to identify which location you’re adding order items to.
  • Less likely to add items to the wrong location.

Discovery Page Refresh

We’ve revamped the buyer Discovery Page with new categories for quicker navigation. Find your favorites easily and discover new products effortlessly.

This update is part of our continued commitment to creating the best buying experience possible and follows the release of Quick Order and Multi-Location Shopping Cart. Two features made to create an easier order creation and check-out process.

The Impact:

  • New categories to help buyers quickly find the products they want.
  • Sleek and refined look and feel to enhance the page view.

Leaf Trade API

Our public API now boasts added functionalities like refined vendor filters and opt-in for partially ordered items. Effortlessly manage your orders and product data.

Vendor API

Filters were added to the Vendor API for the created date to inventory and stock endpoints.

Allow Order Creation

The Leaf Trade API has been updated to allow order creation with partially ordered items as opt-in.

Orders Endpoint

  • Stock Location has been added to the Orders endpoint response.
  • Order History has been added to the Orders endpoint.

Product Variants Endpoint

  • The created timestamp (before or after) has been added to the Product Variants endpoint.
  • Updated_at timestamp (before or after) has been added to the Product Variants endpoint.


Advanced Analytics V2

Advanced Analytics V2 is now accessible in the platform for all Advanced Analytics users. Advanced Analytics V2 offers users increased efficiency of reports, the ability to customize reports, and a dedicated navigation dashboard.

The Impact:

  • Advanced Analytics V2 is now accessible on the platform.
  • New form to request customized reports.

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