We recently spoke with Andrew Berlanstein, the Wholesale Director at TILT Holdings to unpack the uniqueness behind their brands, plans for 2022, and how they’re utilizing Leaf Trade to increase organic sales. 

The Brands Behind TILT

TILT is a collection of cannabis companies focused on providing quality products and services to the cannabis industry. They’ve divided their brands into their hardware division with Jupiter Research and their plant-touching division with Commonwealth Alternative Care and Standard Farms.

Jupiter Research designs and manufactures innovative vaporization technologies for natural plant-derived extractors and oil consumers. TILT acquired Jupiter in 2019 and has since developed a variety of performance-driven vaporizer cartridges, power supplies, all-in-ones, and more, developed to the highest quality, reliability, and safety standards.

On the plant-touching side of the business are Standard Farms, the first medical marijuana grower in Pennsylvania with an undying dedication to supporting medical patients and products. They’ve built a loyal customer base by offering medical products not provided by other growers, such as their 10:1 Tincture. Standard Farms also stands out from competitors with its natural greenhouse growth. Everything at Standard Farms is done in-house, including testing, to ensure each step goes through a natural process.

TILT’s second plant-touching division, Commonwealth Alternative Care (CAC), is one of the original cultivators in MA. It’s a complete facility that offers everything from cultivation to extraction. But what makes CAC unique is its edible kitchen. This full-service bakery works alongside a chef with more than 20 years of pastry experience who is constantly developing new cannabis-infused baked goods and treats. “We’re known for pretty wild edibles, so people get excited when we start floating the idea of things like Woope pies and candy canes,” says Berlanstein. “And our chef loves it because it’s a challenge. He likes to see how far he can push the envelope when it comes to infusing different foods.”

Continued Growth in 2022

All the companies under TILT have their unique niche, but one constant across brands is innovation, something customers can expect to continue into the new year. TILT is launching the Infinity disposable vape from Jupiter and is bringing a new Standard Farms strain on the market called Crypto Chronic. This Fruity Pebbles OG crossed with Alien Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato is one of the most potent plants Standard Farms has grown, testing in the 20 to 26 percent range, according to Berlanstein.

There are also plenty of new products coming to CAC in the coming months, such as their disposable cured resin vape. CAC is also expanding its edibles program with peppermint Whoopi pies and other seasonal treats, plus a relaunch of their most popular branded product with their partners Old Pal, the Ready-to-Roll pack.

But products aren’t the only new adventures for TILT. They’re expanding into the adult-use market. In early December, they launched adult-use sales at their CAC Brockton, MA location. Their Toron, MA dispensary is undergoing its final inspection for adult use and expects to sell in the coming weeks. Commonwealth Alternative Care is also developing its online storefront to shop for adult and medical-use products at any CAC store.

Growing Organic Sales with Leaf Trade

With TILT’s extensive line of unique products and brands, Berlanstein and his team needed a tool to help organize and manage their wholesale information.

“When I came onboard at TILT, it was like it is at a lot of cannabis wholesalers where it’s spreadsheet insanity,” says Berlanstein. “It’s shared spreadsheets on top of shared spreadsheets, and generating a simple report or answering a simple question can be really difficult or time-consuming. Leaf Trade has been the first tool that I’ve found that solves a lot of those problems in terms of simplifying the visuals and the process of getting information on demand.”

And the benefits of partnering with Leaf Trade expand beyond more efficiency in the workplace. Leaf Trade’s online storefront puts wholesalers in front of the right buyers and streamlines the buying and selling process. “The biggest thing for us has been an extra source of revenue,” says Berlanstein. “We see customers order organically through Leaf Trade sometimes without talking to us. The other thing we’ve found is that the information Leaf Trade provides about customers we don’t yet work with has been hugely helpful. It gives us contact information, and it makes it easy for those customers to view the products that we offer, the pricing, and all the details so they can expedite the process of bringing on a new partner. They can understand exactly what it is that we make and what we stand for in a pretty quick and efficient way.”

“Our dream is that people can come on and order our products at their discretion and that they can get all of the information, including opportunities on deals, savings, and new products, all in one place,” says Berlanstein. “We’re going be there to support them and to answer their questions, but it provides that entryway that makes it so much simpler to start the conversation with a new store.”

For dispensaries interested in learning more about TILT or any of their brands, check them out online at tiltholdings.com. For wholesale buying, create your free retail account on Leaf Trade here