Evolution was founded in October 2020 to provide Michigan cannabis consumers with top-shelf product in flower and edible form. Present-day, it has blossomed into a vertically integrated, multi-tiered operation, growing flower for both the Adult-Use and Medical market along with making the cannabis industry’s best edibles.

Evolution’s cultivation operation is based in Battle Creek, and they own four cannabis dispensaries around the state. They’ve built their business staying committed to producing high-quality wholesale cannabis flower while building their edible brands of Flying High, High Voltage, Tidal Wave, Sugar Free, Evolution 3.0, and High TeHC.

Evolution’s Challenges

Before migrating to Leaf Trade, Evolution was operating on a competing platform. They were looking for an alternate solution to manage their cannabis operations and fill the gaps in their current wholesale cannabis platform. They wanted a solution that would be easier to use and work in. They also needed a more accurate way to track inventory and fulfill orders.

Evolution met with Leaf Trade personnel, and following a platform demo, they felt confident moving to the new platform would meet all their cannabis operation’s needs.

Leaf Trade Wholesale Cannabis Solutions

Upon Evolution deciding to go with Leaf Trade, it was time to implement the platform. Leaf Trade’s customer success team worked hand-in-hand with Evolution’s administration on the implementation process and provided them with in-depth training to ensure they were best set up to use Leaf Trade.

One of Evolution’s main reasons they chose Leaf Trade was because it’s a robust wholesale cannabis tech solution wrapped in a user-friendly interface. Moving to the platform, their staff immediately noticed how much simpler the back end was to use.

Product redistribution is now a simpler task for Evolution. Leaf Trade’s platform is designed to automate this process. If their inventory is less than a full pound but sufficient for a half pound or less, the system automatically updates it, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This automation not only saves their team time but also minimizes product waste.

Additionally, their Sales team took advantage of Leaf Trade’s user-friendly system that allows personnel to remotely input orders, which then can immediately be approved and processed back at their headquarters. This functionality streamlined the process, significantly enhanced efficiency, and enabled seamless order completion.

Evolution’s Leaf Trade Results

Leaf Trade was able to provide Evolution with better inventory control and tracking, all packaged in an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform. As a result, Evolution has seen several improvements in their wholesale cannabis operations since moving to Leaf Trade.

Leaf Trade’s responsive and knowledgeable customer support team is committed to delivering dedicated aid to Evolution throughout its entire journey on the platform. They provide timely assistance and personalized guidance to optimize Evolution’s experience and achievement of goals.

“Leaf Trade’s dedicated support has been invaluable to us. They are responsive and have consistently gone above and beyond to provide us with guidance and assistance navigating the platform. We truly appreciate their dedicated commitment to our success.” – Craig Flocken, President, Evolution

Evolution’s branded Leaf Trade storefront accurately reflects its inventory in real-time for buyers, eliminating the issue of overselling or underselling products. The platform provides a reliable solution ensuring inventory management is precise and up-to-date.

By streamlining the wholesale and inventory process, Leaf Trade has empowered Evolution to save time, effort, and money. Ultimately, the Leaf Trade process and platform have allowed the Evolution company to concentrate on their number one objective, growth, and success within the cannabis industry.