About Curaleaf

Curaleaf is a leading medical and wellness cannabis operator headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts providing patients with quality cannabis for health and wellness. Curaleaf offers fresh cured flower and craft quality, lab-tested cannabis product available in multiple product formats.

Curaleaf serves 21 states and owns and operates 142 dispensaries and 26 cultivation sites. Curleaf’s key cannabis markets include Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Curaleaf’s Challenge

As a company managing multiple cannabis markets across states, Curaleaf needed a tool that would give them better visibility into their sales data across all markets where they operate.

Leaf Trade provided Curaleaf with the tools they needed to gain visibility to sales data across their markets and streamline their wholesale cannabis operations. They were previously using a Leaf Trade competitor, however, the incompatible integrations and the company’s inability to accommodate Curaleaf’s needs made it difficult to manage sales across markets.

Leaf Trade’s Wholesale Cannabis Solutions

When Curaleaf made the switch to Leaf Trade they instantly saw an improvement in their team’s efficiency within their wholesale cannabis operations. Leaf Trade’s integration capabilities enable the Curaleaf team to easily import and manage inventory and update their storefront to give retailers real-time visibility into what products are available.

Leaf Trade saves the Curaleaf team time on completing tedious tasks such as manual data entry, so they can focus on more rewarding work, such as building customer relationships and cultivating their products.

Curaleaf’s Leaf Trade Results

Since signing onto the Leaf Trade platform the Curaleaf team has been able to optimize their wholesale cannabis operations and gain better visibility into their sales data. The platform has brought their teams together, from sales to marketing, to accounting and inventory managers. Take a look at some of what the Curaleaf team has been able to accomplish:

  • Live on Leaf Trade since 2018
  • Over 28K products sold since 2018
  • 96% increase in products sold YOY (2020 to 2021)
  • 10 vendor accounts listed on Leaf Trade

“Leaf Trade has enabled our team to grow faster by building technology to assist in organizing and scaling our wholesale operations.”
– Richie Proud, Executive Vice President, Revenue, Curaleaf

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