Revolutionize Your Wholesale Cannabis Processes

Leaf Trade transforms wholesale cannabis operations through a comprehensive suite of features. Streamline wholesale fulfillment, seamlessly integrate financial workflows, easily manage inventory and control inventory exposure, and standardize your data and operations.

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Streamline Cannabis Wholesale Fulfillment & Drive Success

Struggling with inefficient communication and manual processes in your wholesale fulfillment process? Leaf Trade offers the ultimate solution for streamlining your cannabis wholesale fulfillment process.

Fulfillment Efficiency at Its Best

No more endless emails and phone calls. With Leaf Trade, you’ll automate repetitive tasks, simplify order management, and enjoy real-time inventory allocation.

Operations Costs Down, Success Up

Faster, accurate fulfillment means lower costs and minimized errors. Elevate your business efficiency and reap the rewards of success.

Increase Customer Satisfaction, Grow Sales

Clear communication channels and real-time order updates keep your customers informed and delighted, boosting repeat purchases and overall satisfaction.

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Transform Your Wholesale Cannabis Accounting Processes

Manual reconciliation and duplicate data entry in accounting can lead to costly errors. Leaf Trade’s cutting-edge integrations Leaf Trade’s integrations automate and enhance financial workflows for cannabis businesses. Seamlessly sync data to improve efficiency and accuracy.

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Seamless Integrations for Financial Excellence

Leaf Trade’s integrations with QuickBooks Online and Sage Intacct revolutionize financial workflows for cannabis businesses.

Automate Manual Processes for Increased Accuracy

Automate manual data entry, ensuring your financial records are accurate and up-to-date. Easily reconcile invoices, track payments, and generate reports.

Streamline Accounting Operations, Optimize Compliance

Streamlined accounting operations ensure compliance, reducing risks and increasing confidence in your accounting processes.

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Order Management & Inventory Control Made Easy

Wholesale cannabis inventory management is complex, leading to risks of overselling, communication gaps, and imbalanced stock levels. Leaf Trade’s order management system empowers wholesalers by streamlining processes and giving dispensary buyers a user-friendly online ordering platform.

Effortless Order Fulfillment

Simplify order processing and tracking, ensuring your customers get what they need on time, every time.

Control Inventory Exposure

Showcase products and brands effectively by leveraging inventory rules to control what inventory is shown and when.

Real-time Insights Into Inventory Levels

Prevent overselling and stockouts with live stock-level insights, making your inventory management a breeze.

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Unify Cannabis Multi-State Operations

Leaf Trade enables cannabis multi-state cannabis operators to gain a national view into their operations by providing a singular platform — bringing all involved companies, teams, and operations together.

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Simplify Complexity

Operate seamlessly across states with Leaf Trade, unifying your inventory, sales, reporting, accounting, and more.

Enhance Collaboration

User permissions help establish clear team roles and real-time data empower better decisions and efficient collaboration.

Streamline Communication

Enhance collaboration among teams with in-platform messaging and notification settings.

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Blueprint to Scale Across Markets

The cannabis industry’s varying regulations create chaos for companies looking to expand operations to new markets. Leaf Trade empowers cannabis companies to streamline and standardize operations and maintain a consistent front-end experience across markets.

Standardize and Scale

Leaf Trade empowers you to standardize processes and data across markets, making expansion smooth and efficient.

Centralize Your Success

Access consistent and reliable information for decision-making, ensuring a unified customer experience.

Partner for Growth

Conquer the complexities of the cannabis landscape with Leaf Trade as your partner, ensuring success as you expand into new markets.

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