Spencer Belz of The Botanist New Jersey describes how Leaf Trade has helped their business streamline operations both internally and externally, alleviate common stressors and free up team bandwidth to focus on innovation and expansion.

About The Botanist

Originating in New York, The Botanist has a respected presence in seven states and is actively expanding into nine states in 2022. As a vertically integrated organization, The Botanist is a strong force in the East Coast cannabis industry with three retail locations in the Garden State (Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, and Williamstown) and full cultivation processing and manufacturing capabilities.

Previously known as Compassionate Care Foundation, they were impressively the second medical marijuana license awarded in the state of New Jersey in 2013. Acquired by Acreage Holdings in June of 2020, they rebranded to The Botanist and brought their experienced staff, maintaining consistency and expertise into this emerging cannabis market.

As a brand and company, The Botanist is fundamentally focused on the health and wellness of its patients and users. With a heavy emphasis on education about the cannabis plant and the value of cannabis medicine, The Botanist ensures all users receive the highest quality products and services through exemplary customer support.

Garden State Pride

Supporting the local community is a key initiative for The Botanist and its employees, as they understand immersing a company into the New Jersey market is much more than just dispensing cannabis. For them, it’s important to give back to those who sustain their business, through multiple charitable acts.

From leading donation drives to raise both money and food to partnering with the NAACP and The Pride Center of New Jersey to hosting food drives for the Community Foodbank of New Jersey and the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, The Botanist places high value and importance on the New Jersey community and its inhabitants.

Product Updates, Expansion, and Innovation

The Botanist just finished a massive growth expansion that encompassed the building out of their warehouse with individual rooms, state-of-the-art lighting, HVAC, and more.

In addition, they’ve re-categorized their product offering to include: whole flower, littles, and trim. Segmenting their products has helped put a deeper focus on the flower itself and created price tiers that truly allow consumers to get the quality they’re paying for.

The Botanist offers four different strain lineages: Indica Dominant, Sativa Dominant, 50/50 Hybrid, and CBD Dominant. This hyper-specific portfolio allows them to appeal to niche audiences in need, such as pediatric patients who suffer from epilepsy or seizures and require a strain that is primarily comprised of CBD with minimal-to-no psychoactive properties.

Currently, The Botanist is producing their own flower and making their own vape cartridges and most excitingly, a supercritical CO2 extraction. This is single strain whole flower medicine, which simply put, means the extraction of all original cannabinoids and terpenes that are then reintroduced back into themselves.

“Leaf Trade Is Exactly What We Needed”

The ease and accessibility provided by the Leaf Trade platform for The Botanist’s wholesale operations are what makes it exactly what the company needed. With 35 different cultivars available in multiple form factors, as well as many other products/brands offered by The Botanist, the volume can become cumbersome for the internal team to manage.

Enter: Leaf Trade.

“Being able to keep track of individual products, current inventory, individual orders….finding Leaf Trade was the solution we were looking for,” says Marketing Coordinator Spencer Belz. “We needed to streamline our operations to make it more efficient for the companies that are ordering from us, for the person managing the wholesale orders, and for our processing and inventory team in the back-of-house who need to fulfill and deliver these orders.”

Leaf Trade’s core functionalities of easy inventory imports, a 1:1 branded shopping experience, and a single dashboard for CRM and order management allow the team to easily receive and confirm orders, schedule deliveries, and payments, and optimally streamline their internal operations.

“It’s a lot of work to track every single product – especially in the cannabis industry! – and in New Jersey, every single jar has a unique barcode and that needs to be accounted for every single day,” says Belz. “We’re very grateful Leaf Trade exists and as we’re onboarding, we already see how much it’s going to benefit our operations and how much time it’s already saving us.”

“Leaf Trade was the exact solution that we needed,” says Belz. “We went from zero to 100 with our wholesale operations in a matter of months. From doing one deal in the month of June to doing dozens of deals every single month, partnering with Leaf Trade will allow us to continue to grow and expand on that.”

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