We’re so excited to finally share the big news! Leaf Trade has entered into a national partnership with Curaleaf Holdings, Inc., a leading international provider of consumer products in cannabis. While we currently work with Curaleaf in 11 states, we will now begin to support the company across its 19 US Wholesale Markets, with New York scheduled to launch this month.

“In 2018, we partnered with Leaf Trade and learned quickly how much the platform has helped us streamline our wholesale operations,” commented Patrick Larkin, Senior Vice President of Wholesale at Curaleaf. “We have been impressed by Leaf Pay and its impact on our business operations and we are excited to roll this out in all Curaleaf markets.”

“Curaleaf has been an amazing partner and a great example of an organization that amplifies operational excellence through the use of technology — we’ve successfully worked together to optimize the legal cannabis supply chain, both from a process and technology perspective,” commented Michael Piermont, President & CRO of Leaf Trade.

Join us in congratulating everyone involved in this partnership! We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for both Leaf Trade and Curaleaf as we embark on this national partnership and all the incredible things to come.

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Patrick Larkin, Senior Vice President of Wholesale at Curaleaf
James Yi, Founder & CEO, and Michael Piermont, President & CRO at Leaf Trade