Discover the evolution of wholesale cannabis operations with Leaf Trade’s cutting-edge cannabis tech solutions. In Q4 of 2023, we prioritized simplifying the wholesale cannabis process, introducing a wave of innovation and improvements to enhance efficiency.

Now, let’s dive into the details, uncovering how these changes will elevate your Leaf Trade experience.

Quick Order & Shopping Cart Refresh Button

Experience a shopping upgrade with our Recheck button on the Quick Order and Shopping Cart pages. This new addition grants you more control, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. No more surprises – just the power to effortlessly recheck product availability and make informed decisions.

The impact:

  • More control and a smoother shopping experience.
  • Eliminate surprises when different batches become available.

Enhanced Add to Cart Functionality

We’ve revamped the Add to Cart feature to start with a quantity of 0. The Add button turns purple only when you’ve entered your desired quantity. It’s a small change with a big impact – no more accidental single-item additions and a quicker, error-free shopping process.

The impact:

  • Avoid accidental single-item additions.
  • Quicker input of the exact quantity you need.

CSV Import Performance Updates

Enhancements to our CSV Import feature include a progress status bar in CSV uploads, ensuring a transparent and efficient data transfer process.

The impact:

  • Easily view progress of upload to understand time to completion.

Account Confirmation Pop-Up

We introduced a pop-up feature to help you identify the account you’re working on, especially when managing multiple retail and/or vendor accounts across different windows.

The impact:

  • Ensure completion of work on the correct account.
  • Quick identification and confirmation of the account you’re working in.

Azure AD SSO Configuration

Take advantage of our seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) through Azure AD via OAuth2, simplifying user authentication while maintaining robust security standard. 

The impact:

  • Higher data protection and user access control.
  • Seamless and convenient login process, enhancing overall user satisfaction and productivity.

API Documentation Updates

We revamped our API documentation for a better user experience, including Endpoint response objects, OpenAPI schema, and exciting additions like the GET Users API.

The impact:

  • Smoother and more intuitive interactions with the platform.
  • Comprehensive documentation for enhanced understanding.

New Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace Navigation

Get ready for a visual upgrade! Our revamped navigation introduces a sleek, user-friendly system for easier access and a more intuitive menu layout. A smoother and more efficient browsing experience is just a click away.

The impact:

  • Sleek, user-friendly navigation system.
  • Easier access and more intuitive menu layout.

Updated Metrc Integration for Total Terpenes

The Metrc integration has been enhanced to facilitate imports and storage of Total Terpene data, seamlessly syncing with available Metrc records.

The impact:

  • Convenient import of Terpene information directly from Metrc into Leaf Trade.

Map Terpenes Using CSV Import

We enhanced our CSV Import feature to allow you to map total terpenes efficiently, seamlessly integrating detailed terpene data into inventory records.

The impact:

  • Seamless inclusion of total terpene information while importing inventory data.
  • Easier incorporation of detailed terpene metrics for comprehensive product management.

Total Terpenes Field Added on Batch Details & Vendor-Batch API

Our integrations now support a Total Terpenes field, providing comprehensive insights into terpene content. This enhancement enables seamless tracking and analysis of terpene content for improved product quality assessment and streamlined vendor interactions.

The impact:

  • Deeper understanding of terpene composition.
  • Smoother vendor interactions with detailed terpene data via API.

Metrc Integration: Expiration Date

Stay compliant effortlessly! Our Metrc integration now pulls in product expiration dates, allowing you to monitor shelf life and ensure adherence to regulatory standards. It’s about optimizing inventory management and reducing the risk of selling expired goods.

The impact:

  • Automatic syncing of expiration dates, streamlining inventory control.
  • Enhanced compliance with real-time visibility into product shelf life.

Packing Slips

Experience an enhanced Packing Slips functionality. With expanded package ID fields and added ‘Manifested By’ notes, our update offers a standardized, detailed packing slip for improved logistics management.

The impact:

  • Expanded package ID fields for improved clarity and organization.
  • ‘Manifested By’ notes for standardized, detailed packing slips.

Leaf Trade API Update for Date Filters

Leaf Trade API now supports date filters for products and product variants, offering enhanced data precision through specific timestamps.

The impact:

  • Precise data retrieval with filtered products and product variants.
  • Greater accuracy and specificity in managing product-related information.

Performance Improvements

From Biotrack integration to updated Metrc integration and Leaf Trade API updates, we’re focused on enhancing performance. Quicker imports, prevention of timeouts, and smoother data processing – because your time matters.

Cannabis Tech Solutions to Transform Wholesale Cannabis

Leaf Trade is committed to revolutionizing your experience. Stay tuned for more exciting changes on the horizon, designed to take your wholesale cannabis journey to new heights. Join us as we continue to shape the future of the cannabis industry, one innovative update at a time.