About Aeriz

Aeriz is the largest multistate aeroponic cannabis operator in the United States, with a mission to grow and produce the cleanest cannabis products available. The aeroponic cultivation method is the process of growing cannabis without soil. The cannabis plants are instead grown in reusable clay beads, and water and nutrients are recycled in a closed-loop system, resulting in much lower waste. Aeroponic growing amplifies the essence of each strain, giving it increased flavor and effects.

Aeriz’s approach to cultivation means they produce a higher-quality, more consistent flower, which has helped to set them apart from competitors and grow their business.

From 2019 to 2021, Aeriz scaled in Illinois from 14,000 square feet to 28,000 square feet of production and processing space. In Arizona, they made the transition to a fully pre-packaged business in 2020. In that time, they’ve grown to be the number two flower brand and live resin brand by sales revenue in Arizona.

Aeriz’s Challenge

Aeriz needed a wholesale operations partner who they could rely on to help them rapidly expand their cannabis-selling operations and scale across more locations. With over 200 hundred employees and operations across Illinois and Arizona, they needed a solution they could rely on to help keep their inventory straight and readily accessible to licensed retailers across their markets. Having large operations and teams in each state, they also needed a way for their departments to work together easily and interact.

Leaf Trade’s Wholesale Cannabis Solutions

Leaf Trade provided Aeriz with a solution to both their challenges — a central location where they can easily manage their inventory and provide transparency between their various departments.

The Leaf Trade platform provided Aeriz with a system where they can upload and track their inventory. As buyers complete purchases from the Aeriz storefront, the products bought are deducted from Aeriz’s inventory count. These numbers are then updated on the back end so Aeriz has better visibility into its product catalog and levels.

Through Leaf Trade’s User Permission settings you can control which areas of the platform Aeriz’s team is able to view and/or edit orders. This helps to build workflows that work best for your team, creates consistency in processes, and provides a central location for teams to communicate and complete tasks.

“[In the markets] where we cultivate on our own, Leaf Trade has been the solution for us. We use the platform not only to keep our inventory straight but to set the rhythm internally for how all of our departments interact with each other. It’s what made us a very good provider. Leaf Trade has helped us, and that’s a technology I would point to first in what’s helped us build our business.”
– Christopher Schulte, National Sales Director at Aeriz

Aeriz’s Leaf Trade Results

Since signing onto Leaf Trade in 2018, Aeriz has been able to better manage its product inventory allowing them to streamline its inventory management processes. Through Leaf Trade, Aeriz has been able to build better workflows for its team, create consistency in processes, and have one central location for communication and tracking tasks. With Leaf Trade powering Aeriz’s wholesale cannabis operations they’ve been able to operate more efficiently and save time.

Take a look at some of what the Aeriz team has been able to accomplish:

  • Live on Leaf Trade Since 2018
  • Over 10K products sold since 2018
  • 36% increase in products sold YOY (2021 to 2022)
  • Two vendor accounts listed on Leaf Trade