About nuEra

nuEra is a growing Illinois cannabis operator with a cultivation center and currently operates three medical and adult-use dispensaries and three secondary adult-use-only dispensaries. They’re committed to creating a highly professional and welcoming environment where both medical cannabis patients and recreational purchasers can find the high-quality products and information they need.

Like many cannabis operators, nuEra struggled with its payment process. It was cumbersome and time-consuming to complete, and overall was a very manual process that left a lot of room for errors. nuEra has worked with Leaf Trade for several years and knows it’s a technology partner they can trust to optimize and streamline their processes. When they heard about Leaf Pay, Leaf Trade’s payments tool, they knew it was the right solution to solve their payment process pain points.

nuEra’s Challenge

nuEra uses QuickBooks for its accounting software. Before Leaf Pay, they paid their vendors individually and manually processed invoices. nuEra didn’t have integrated systems, and three separate software programs had to be used to pull invoices and pay them on time. 

Each cultivation center and vendor would send invoices to nuEra. The accounting lead had to match them to the correct cultivator or vendor and print out each invoice to process payments. 

Now, with six locations and a cultivation center, they had to find a better and more efficient way to streamline their payment process.

Leaf Trade’s Wholesale Cannabis Solutions

Through Leaf Pay, nuEra’s accounting lead was able to get their time back and reduce errors made from manually processing invoices. Before Leaf Pay, it took the nuEra accounting lead roughly 8-10 minutes per invoice to complete processing, and they were processing about 120-150 invoices a week. That’s nearly 25 hours a week just processing invoices alone.

Now with Leaf Pay, the accounting lead can process an invoice in 1-2 minutes, cutting the time needed to process by 80% per week, allowing them to process even more invoices than before. Since onboarding to Leaf Pay, nuEra has had no issues collecting payments and no longer receives aging reports from vendors.

nuEra was able to get quickly and easily set up on Leaf Pay. The Leaf Trade team demonstrated the Leaf Pay platform, trained the nuEra team, and set up the system all within a day. Leaf Trade handled adding in the needed information from QuickBooks, and both systems matched without error. To enable their AP and AR process, all nuEra had to do was enter their bank info into Leaf Trade. 

Following this simple setup, the nuEra team was ready to go and immediately saw time savings and greater accuracy in their payment process.

nuEra’s Leaf Trade Results

Leaf Pay’s user-friendly platform has been pivotal for the nuEra accounting lead. It’s helped them save significant time processing invoices while reducing manual errors. nuEra enabled Leaf Pay for both AP and AR processing and has seen substantial improvements in its processes.

  • Only 1-2 minutes to process each invoice
  • 80% reduction in time needed to process invoices weekly
  • Able to process ≅150 invoices per week in just five hours

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