As we look forward to 2023 and the exciting changes to come in the cannabis industry, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year.

2022 was a year of monumental growth for Leaf Trade thanks to our amazing team and customers. We rolled out new features, launched our platform in new states, and welcomed new cannabis wholesalers and retailers to Leaf Trade.

We’re incredibly proud of our team this year and all they’ve accomplished. Here’s a look at a few of the amazing things we did together this year.

A Few of Leaf Trade’s 2022 Accomplishments

In 2022 we launched the Leaf Trade platform in seven new states: Utah, Oregon, Missouri, West Virginia, Florida, Maine, and Arkansas. It’s been exciting to reach new customers in these states and to help them in streamlining their cannabis operations. In 2023, we look forward to continuing to expand into new and existing markets and to helping even more cannabis wholesalers and retailers find efficiencies and growth in their businesses.

In addition to bringing on new states, we onboarded several new cannabis wholesalers. To name just a few — PharmaCann, Trulieve, and Curaleaf Maine, Utah, New York, Arizona, and Michigan. It’s always awesome to continue to partner with new wholesalers in the cannabis industry. Together we’re building the future of wholesale cannabis and making the process easier for everyone involved. We aim to bring on even more cannabis wholesalers in 2023 and to continue providing our cannabis retailers with even more purchasing options in their regions.

2022 was a pivotal year for growth for Leaf Trade and saw a 73% increase in order count. Our main objective at Leaf Trade is to continue to develop best-in-class technology solutions to the problems faced by cultivators and retailers in the cannabis industry. Looking back on the growth we experienced this past year, seems like an indicator we’re accomplishing this! We can’t wait to continue rolling out new products and platform improvements in 2023 to make our user experience even better for our customers.

Lastly, with all this growth we needed a team who could help sustain it and help to take us to the next level. Our team grew by a whopping 176% this year across 19 states. The team at Leaf Trade is dedicated to creating an excellent product and user experience. Everyone here cares about the industry and wants to build a product that enables everyone to work more efficiently. In 2023, we look forward to bringing on additional new hires and continuing to build the future of wholesale cannabis.

Thanks for a Great 2022

We’re so thankful to all our clients for helping make 2022 such an amazing year. Thank you to our team for their hard work and dedication in helping make Leaf Trade the amazing company it is and for helping to shape our platform and build the future of wholesale cannabis buying and selling.

We’re beyond excited to keep this momentum going in 2023 and can’t wait to see what the new year brings for us and the cannabis industry as a whole.

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