About Revolution Cannabis Cannabis

Revolution Cannabis is a craft cannabis company on a mission to advance wellness, improve lives, and open minds. Founded in 2015, Revolution Cannabis is active in Illinois, Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, and Maryland. They operate four cultivation centers and will soon have 13 total dispensaries as they expand their footprint in Illinois.

Revolution Cannabis’s Challenge

Like many cannabis operators, Revolution Cannabis was experiencing issues with a broken supply chain in the cannabis wholesale ordering and fulfillment process. Everything was fragmented since they needed to leverage several technology platforms to manage their wholesale operations.

As they expanded their Missouri operations, they needed to decide what system to leverage — their current provider or another wholesale cannabis platform.

Revolution Cannabis decided to move to Leaf Trade due to its integration capabilities and decided to transition their entire portfolio to the platform. Leaf Trade can create custom integrations for its clients that are included complimentary as part of your order fee. They needed an integration to connect their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform to Leaf Trade to enable seamless workflows and streamline operations.

The team leverages an ERP to handle everything from accounting to inventory management to production, cultivation, and sales. Its ERP was essential to Revolution Cannabis’s operations, and the ability to integrate with Leaf Trade was crucial to optimizing their wholesale process.

Leaf Trade Wholesale Cannabis Solutions

Ahead of the integration build-out, Revolution Cannabis met with the Leaf Trade team to discuss their needs regarding the ERP integration. Leaf Trade built a development and project plan and a timeline for the integration to provide them with clear visibility into the project scope and when they could expect it to go live.

Once a clear project plan and a vision for success were in place, weekly calls were scheduled with the Leaf Trade and Revolution Cannabis teams. The purpose of these meetings was to keep them in the loop on progress and to summarize work completed by the Leaf Trade team.

During these calls, the Leaf Trade development team showcased work completed, and Revolution Cannabis provided feedback in real-time on what needed to shift to make the integration work best. The Leaf Trade team worked as active partners, listening to their feedback and incorporating it into the project to keep it on track and moving forward.

“The support Revolution Cannabis received from Leaf Trade made us feel very important, and it’s a support they offer for companies of all sizes.” – Cardell Robinson, Director, Technology, Revolution Cannabis

Within a month, the first version of the integration was complete and ready for use. A second version of the ERP integration quickly followed and included the ability for the Revolution Cannabis team to configure it themselves on the customer side. In less than three months after kicking off the project, the final version was complete and Revolution Cannabis could roll out the integration to a third market.

Revolution Cannabis’s Leaf Trade Results

Before the integration, the Revolution Cannabis team spent hours completing double entries of information between Leaf Trade and their ERP. Everything had to be manually added to the ERP from Leaf Trade, and the entire order had to be recreated. This required two full-time people entering 100+ orders per week. Since these people were vital to the process, they couldn’t take on other tasks.

After the integration was complete, Revolution Cannabis reduced this to a one-person-per-week task. The process changed from hours of manual entry and recreating to just pressing a button in Leaf Trade and validating the information in the ERP. The change gave the two team members better opportunities. One shifted to working on more vital tasks, and the other got a promotion.

“Integrations like these give your company an opportunity for growth by finding ways to automate manual processes and provide your team members with better opportunities.” – Cardell Robinson, Director, Technology, Revolution Cannabis

Since Leaf Trade has an in-house development team, they can work with your developers and teams on integration implementation. Most other companies can build the integration but require you to find third-party developers to complete the work, which is a big additional cost. By collaborating with Leaf Trade on the integration, Revolution Cannabis saved significantly on costs.

“In the industry as a whole, a lot of consolidation is happening. Businesses are implementing ERPs because they need to centralize their operational data from top to bottom. Costs are too high and money is low. Optimizing their tech stack allows businesses to lower their costs and give their investors timely and accurate reporting, which can lead to quicker, better decisions. Any process that can be optimized to help achieve these goals is vital. The Leaf Trade Team has shown that they understand this and are willing to commit the resources necessary to help their partners succeed.” – Cardell Robinson, Director, Technology, Revolution Cannabis

Following the integration, Revolution Cannabis saw an operational efficiency gain of 75% and saved 20 hours a week in ERP-related manual work.

  • 75% Gain in operational efficiency
  • 20 Hours Saved a week in manual entry and recreation
  • Able to shift workers to complete more vital work and provide better opportunities for growth

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