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Leaf Trade provides Missouri’s cannabis wholesalers and dispensaries with an easy-to-use solution for cannabis buying and selling, plus so much more.

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FAQs on Wholesale Cannabis in Missouri

  • How do I buy wholesale cannabis in Missouri?

    Missouri cannabis wholesale platforms like Leaf Trade make it easier than ever to buy and sell wholesale cannabis. Leaf Trade connects licensed Missouri cannabis wholesalers and dispensaries through our Missouri cannabis wholesale marketplace. Cannabis wholesalers can list all their brands and products from one storefront menu and dispensaries can easily purchase products whenever they need.

  • Do wholesale cannabis purchases on Leaf Trade meet Missouri's state regulations?

    Shop cannabis wholesale safely on Leaf Trade. Our cannabis wholesale marketplace integrates with seed-to-sale software like Metrc and has built-in workflows so all transactions meet Missouri’s cannabis mandates. You can rest assured when shopping on Leaf Trade. All cannabis wholesale products you sell and/or buy are compliant with Missouri’s cannabis regulations.

  • Can anyone in Missouri buy and sell on Leaf Trade?

    All Missouri cannabis wholesalers and dispensaries on Leaf Trade must have Missouri’s required cannabis licensing to be able to sell and purchase on our cannabis wholesale platform. Each account is vetted during onboarding to ensure they have the proper certification to safely buy and sell wholesale cannabis in Missouri.

  • How long does it take until I'm able to purchase wholesale cannabis on Leaf Trade?

    Once your Missouri cannabis dispensary license is vetted and your account is created, you can immediately start purchasing Missouri wholesale cannabis products on Leaf Trade. This process typically only takes a couple of hours before you’re ready to start shopping top wholesalers in the Missouri market.

  • How long does it take until I can start selling wholesale cannabis on Leaf Trade?

    Our dedicated Account Management team will work with you directly to onboard you to the Leaf Trade platform. Depending on your organization’s complexity and data accessibility, onboarding could be as quick as a day or up to a few weeks. Check out our guide to moving to a new wholesale platform to learn more about our onboarding process.

  • Does Leaf Trade provide support in getting started?

    From day one at Leaf Trade you’re provided with a dedicated onboarding team that sets you up on our platform. They work closely with other wholesalers in Missouri and are deeply familiar with the cannabis rules and regulations within the state. After launch, you’ll continue to work with your Account Management team to further streamline and optimize your wholesale cannabis operations, and they’re always accessible via chat or email. We’re here to give you the help you need when you need support. Our team is on hand to speak with you quickly so you can keep moving with your day.

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Missouri's Cannabis Market is on the Grow

  • Missouri transitioned to a recreational cannabis market in March 2022
  • $4.3M + in GMV on Leaf Trade in 2022
  • Over 136K medical cannabis patients

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Leaf Trade’s cannabis wholesale marketplace connects cannabis wholesalers and dispensaries in Missouri. Join today and streamline your entire B2B cannabis process.

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