Chicago  August 9, 2022Leaf Trade has been nominated as one of five finalists for the 1871 Momentum Award. The Momentum Awards Ceremony honors the top tech innovators and leaders disrupting their industries, building up their communities, and shaping the future.

Leaf Trade is honored to be recognized alongside the other nominees as an organization that has the potential to emerge as a leader in its market. Since its inception, Leaf Trade has strived to create a best-in-class wholesale cannabis market and provide the best technology for retailers and cultivators through their integration partners. The Momentum Award is presented to a growing company with $3-$25M in revenue, and the most potential to emerge as a market leader in its industry.

The winners will be announced at the Momentum Awards Ceremony being held on Thursday, September 22nd. View the complete list of nominees and vote here. Voting closes on August 19, 2022.

To learn more about the Leaf Trade platform, please schedule a demo at:

About 1871

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About Leaf Trade

Leaf Trade is a technology company whose platform facilitates ordering and fulfillment in highly regulated cannabis markets. Leaf Trade is more than a marketplace for wholesalers and retailers in the cannabis space. The Leaf Trade platform streamlines the entire ordering & fulfillment process, the payment process, and post-sale reporting. Leaf Trade partners with some of the largest multi-state cannabis operators and serves nearly 25 states.

Leaf Trade is uniquely positioned to leave a large footprint in the emerging Cannabis industry. Learn more at