Wholesale cannabis operations can be tough to manage between keeping up with state-mandated regulations, shifting market conditions, and needing to manually track every aspect of your business. Using a cannabis wholesale marketplace can give you a big advantage by providing the tools you need to streamline and automate your operations.

Leaf Trade was built as a fully integrated cannabis wholesale marketplace that streamlines the entire B2B process from the sales cycles to packaging and fulfillment workflows to accounting and finance.

In this blog, we explore five essential components to creating a successful cannabis wholesale marketplace, and how Leaf Trade can support you on each.

A Cannabis Wholesale Marketplace With Solid Integrations With the Cannabis Industry’s Leading Platforms

It’s no secret having reliable integrations in the cannabis industry can produce a ripple effect on other aspects of your business. Lack of integrations can have a negative impact causing double-entry of data, human error, and unnecessary work hours which can burden your team.

On the flip side, ensuring you have a solid integration to your traceability system will alleviate all of the above so your team can focus on driving new sales and earning top dollar.

Leaf Trade offers several integrations that support cannabis businesses throughout the entire wholesale purchasing process including comprehensive seed-to-sale tracking software like BioTrack and Metrc.

Leaf Trade’s integrations with QuickBooks Online and Sage Intacct automate financial processes to improve workflows. Through these accounting integrations, you can track and manage your payments to save time and improve visibility and accounting accuracy.

Accurate Inventory That’s Updated in Real-Time

When we think of shopping in a marketplace, we’re under the impression everything we’re getting excited to buy will actually be available. There’s nothing worse than navigating through a cannabis wholesale marketplace, checking off the list of products you want to buy, then realizing those products actually aren’t available.

This is one ripple effect of having a faulty (or non-existent) traceability integration. When inventory isn’t accurate on your marketplace, it causes frustration for buyers and your internal team. Why do manual inventory entry and risk losing sales when you can streamline it with a direct integration?

Leaf Trade provides integrations for you to seamlessly sync your product catalog, inventory, and lab results directly into our platform. This lets you easily track, manage, and update inventory to help with compliance tracking. The plus side of this for buyers? They can readily place orders on live inventory that’s accurate, batch-specific, and updated in real-time.

Customer Segmentation to Drive Revenue

The brain behind selling often comes from how to segment your customers to approach them in the best way possible. For example; while some customers prefer to purchase edibles more often, they might prefer to buy bulk flower.

Customer segmentation in cannabis often comes from the retailer’s internal analytics. As a wholesaler, if you can also customize this segmentation on your end, it will ultimately create an easy buying process for your retail partners. Make sure to have a cannabis wholesale marketplace that helps you sell, instead of making it more difficult.

Leaf Trade’s Advanced Analytics offering provides valuable insights into your operations to help you work efficiently and increase revenue. Using reports such as Dispensary Sales and Purchase History you can begin to understand your customer’s purchasing habits and build segmentation groups. This data can also be leveraged to better understand which products you should continue to stock or discontinue based on order volume.

Building Brand Loyalty

As a business owner, brand loyalty is crucial (especially in the cannabis industry). There’s so much effort, creativity, and hard work put into launching a brand — the last thing we want is for it to be bogged down in an oversaturated marketplace.

While the “Amazon marketplace” structure might work for Amazon, this type of structure encourages a race-to-the-bottom mentality for the cannabis industry. Your effort shouldn’t go unnoticed — make sure to partner with a marketplace that will elevate your brands instead of bog them down.

Leaf Trade provides several ways to elevate and amplify your brand presence through our platform. Build out your Leaf Trade storefront to include your logo, brand description, and branded banner image. The banner image placement can be an excellent spot to showcase deals or highlight new products, helping to drive brand loyalty.

Streamline B2B Cannabis Payments

Payments — the ever-going conversation for the cannabis industry that no one can quite find a solution for without circumventing something (until now). Surprisingly, getting paid on time doesn’t have to result in owing more money in interest, or passing those costs to your customers — there is a better solution by partnering with a marketplace that helps you streamline your payments.

Leaf Trade built Leaf Pay to eliminate the industry’s inefficiencies around payment processing and make it easier and quicker to complete payments. Using Leaf Pay cultivators and vendors can receive payments via ACH directly within Leaf Trade. With Leaf Pay, you no longer have to worry about receiving late payments or cash and checks in the mail. On top of this, Leaf Pay speeds up the entire payment process and increases the accuracy of inbound payments.

Leaf Trade was built to offer an ever-expanding wholesale marketplace with integrations that help drive sales, fulfill orders, and stay ahead of constantly increasing industry expectations.

Discover how Leaf Trade can help you with all of the above. Schedule a demo!