NEVADA — JULY 2022 Cannabis Multistate Operators (MSOs) and innovators Chew & Chill and Sauced level up their wholesale cannabis ordering process with Leaf Trade. Leveraging Leaf Trade’s wholesale cannabis marketplace will help licensed dispensaries in key markets seamlessly access Chew & Chill’s and Sauced’s cutting-edge products while streamlining the purchasing process. Additionally, Leaf Trade’s marketplace will help both manufacturers scale their operations into new markets while streamlining their overall business operations.

Both companies will take advantage of Leaf Trade’s Advertising capabilities that promote their products to dispensary buyers in new markets. Additionally, Chew & Chill will be leveraging Leaf Trade’s market-disrupting Leaf Pay, an ACH-based payment processing that integrates into Sage Intacct and QuickBooks.

Leaf Trade’s hands-on implementation process will help both companies launch on the platform rapidly and supports seamless integrations with seed-to-sale compliance platforms like Metrc and BioTrack, which will help Chew & Chill and Sauced scale in new markets.

“Chew & Chill is excited to work with Leaf Trade as we continue to expand and elevate our national network. I am excited to get our products into the hands of millions of cannabis consumers across the country,” stated Michael Krause CEO and founder of Chew & Chill

“Sauced is excited to be part of this national launch partnership with Leaf Trade’s best-in-class product. The platform and team will be instrumental in our national expansion while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards in the industry,” shared Alex Babeshkin Co-founder/ VP of Business Development at Sauced.

“We continue to be the wholesale cannabis marketplace of choice for MSOs and SSOs of all sizes like Chew & Chill and Sauced. We’re looking forward to partnering with both teams to support their growth and expansion into new markets and assist in streamlining their wholesale operations,” added Michael Piermont, President & CRO, Leaf Trade.

Leaf Trade is continuing to partner with leading manufacturers including Chew & Chill and Sauced. To learn more about the platform please schedule a demo at:

About Chew & Chill

Chew & Chill is the first and only sugar-free Live Resin/Nano Edibles in the United States serving CA, CO, OH, MA, MI, NV, OR, and WA. 

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About Sauced

At Sauced the drip is different. We offer live resin sauce that has a beautiful golden viscosity as a result of a proprietary winterization and extraction process. Our signature “drip” is created from premium-grade live resin blended with organic and cannabis-derived terpene sauce. Available in Nevada and California.

About Leaf Trade

Leaf Trade is a technology company whose platform facilitates the ordering and fulfillment of wholesale cannabis. Leaf Trade specializes in highly-regulated markets and offers customized and convenient solutions—which sets Leaf Trade apart from its competitors. Leaf Trade builds custom storefronts for each customer on the platform to highlight branding and provide a tailored shopping experience for buyers. Customers can create customized experiences using dynamic rules building out consumer tiers and having easy access to sales results and data across the organization. Buyers can join the platform for free and can easily place orders to secure the products they need. The Leaf Trade platform streamlines the entire ordering & fulfillment process, the payment process, and post-sales reporting. Headquartered in Chicago, with remote work available, Leaf Trade partners with some of the largest multi-state cannabis operators and serves nearly 25 states.

Leaf Trade is uniquely positioned to leave a large footprint in the emerging Cannabis industry. Learn more at

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