Elevate Your Cannabis Retail Experience

Unleash the potential of your cannabis business with Sweed’s state-of-the-art Point of Sale system. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary features of our intelligent, feature-packed point-of-sale tailored for the modern cannabis dispensary.

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Beyond Ordinary Point of Sale

Transform your dispensary strategy with intelligent promotion features. Our system empowers budtenders with smart recommendations derived from top-selling products and customer data, maximizing customer satisfaction and sales.

Integrated Functions

Marketing & Loyalty: Craft personalized journeys with email, SMS, and push messaging, and create user workflows, loyalty, and referral programs for advanced customer segmentation and tailored marketing success.

Payments: Seamlessly manage transactions with integrated payment choices for every customer’s convenience.

Product Recommendations: Leverage data-driven insights to offer personalized product suggestions.

Integrated Discounts: Effortlessly build anapply discounts, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Employee-Friendly Interface

Pin Login: Secure access for your team with personalized PIN logins.

Advanced Customer Management: Streamline check-ins, new customer creation, and queue management.

Pharmacy Mode: Tailored settings for specific retail requirements.

Hardware Agnostic: Seamless compatibility with various POS devices.

Effortless Management: Resets, returns, exchanges, refunds, and more.

Loyalty Accrual & Redemption: Foster customer loyalty with seamless reward management.

Order History & Cash Balance Management: Accessible data for better decision-making.

Effortless & Intuitive Hardware

Sweed’s POS hardware is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Our hardware-agnostic approach ensures effortless device management, allowing you to focus on what matters – your customers.

Empowering Budtenders

Our intelligent cashier interface is tailored for ease of use, empowering your staff to concentrate on meaningful customer interactions. Enjoy the automatic application of discounts, easy redemption of loyalty points, and quick access to customer order history and demographics.

Ready to Transform Your Cannabis Retail Experience?

Take the leap towards an enhanced cannabis retail experience. Streamline your operations, boost sales, and enrich customer interactions with Sweed’s intelligent point of sale system.

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