Enterprise Solutions for Multi-Location Cannabis Retail

Sweed’s comprehensive cannabis retail solution provides everything you need to scale and grow successfully. By combining cannabis point of sale (POS) with eCommerce, marketing, loyalty, delivery, and more — streamline and better support multi-location operations through actionable data.

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Products to Empower & Scale Your Business

Cannabis POS

Built on a proprietary database the Sweed cannabis POS solution leverages advanced segmentation data to optimize foot traffic through upsell prompts and offers easy-to-use payment integrations, purchase limits, and more.

  • Upsell Prompts
  • Payment Integrations
  • Purchase Limits
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Cannabis eCommerce

Own your online consumer and extend your brand across your dispensary’s eCommerce ecosystem including SEO optimized web experience, in-store kiosks, and native mobile app.
  • Private-Label Cannabis eCommerce
  • In-Store Kiosks
  • SEO Optimized Web Experience

Cannabis Loyalty

Engage with customers throughout the entire life cycle and seamlessly leverage unified cross-market customer data to deliver personalized offers to loyal customers.

  • Unified Cross-Location Customer Data
  • Create Personalized Offers
  • Customized Rewards Program
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Leaf Trade Integration

Gain full visibility of your retail and wholesale operations through the Sweed and Leaf Trade.

  • More Precise and Accurate Data for Wholesale and Retail Operations
  • Greater Insight into Inventory to Optimize Ordering & Fulfillment
  • Decrease the Number of Tools You Need to Run Your Business

A Dispensary Operations Solution That’s More Than Cannabis POS Software

Sweed is designed to serve every aspect of your business.

Inventory Management

Metrc & BioTrack integrations provide seamless end-to-end cannabis seed-to-sale visibility. Manage pricing adjustments, inventory tracking, and transfers through your primary catalog and locations.

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Own Your Customer

Freely engage with your customers through Sweed’s private label eCommerce experience, in-store kiosks, and native apps, without having to share your customer’s behavioral data with other platforms.

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Proprietary Data Engine

Built on a powerful data engine that allows cannabis operators to transform their cross-channel eCommerce, marketing, and loyalty programs into truly data-driven solutions increasing efficiency and monetization.

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A POS Solution Built for Multi-Location Cannabis Dispensaries

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The Sweed platform was built to support multi-location dispensaries and has every POS feature, plus more, that you need to run your business. Get in touch with our team to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can tailor Sweed to fit your needs.

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